Kingdom of Marudesh
MarudeshMarudesh coa

वीर भोग्य वसुन्धरा
(eng):Valiant shall enjoy the Earth
Subh sukh chain
Capital city Fort Maru
Largest city Jaisalmer
Official language(s) Jaisalmeri, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Interlingua and BASIC
Official religion(s) Hinduism
Demonym Marupradeshi
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Monarch Samrath Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
Legislature Durbar
Established July 19th, 2012
Population 14
Currency Dhanam
National sport Shooting
National animal wikipedia:Tiger:Tiger
Patron saint Adi Shankara
Internet Domain (proposed) .md.ay


The Kingdom of Marudesh is a desert micronation located in Thar desert of India. It claims the former Jaisalmer State. It was founded upon 19 July 2012 by Harshvardhan.

It was proclaimed with 14 citizens. It was designed to be a simple and good micronation with now macronational level goals. Aryavart started as micronation and then evovled into a full fleged alternative government.


Marudesh's culture is like the culture of Jaisalmercity. It is based upon the great Bhati dynasty's Jaisalmer Kingdom which not only fought for 1200 years against Islamic and other invasions but successfully defeated them. Modern Marudesh have peaceful culture as it don't maintain any army. Protection is given by Aryavart.



The Flag of Marudesh have special relevance. This flag was given by the Lord Krishna to Bhati Dynasty. From that time onwards, it have been the national flag of Jaisalmer state. It is the flag of royality in Aryavart and is adapted as national flag of Marudesh.


Marudesh is the absolute monarchy ruled by Harshvardhan. All powers are exersied by the monarch from judicial to political and administrative.

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