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Kingdom of Medina
Medinaflag FlagMedinacoatofarms copia Coat of Arms

Pax, Libertas, Honour
non yet
Capital city none
Largest city none
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Medinean
Government Monarchy
- King Sabas I
- none none
- non non
Legislature All legislation is competence of the king
Established 14 July 2013
Area claimed none
Population 9 (8/02/2014)
Currency Medinean Dinar= US dollar
Time zone none
National sport Ice Hockey
National drink none
National animal non

non yet

The Kingdom of Medina is an internet-based country, catalogued as a "Micronation and new country project", ruled by King Sabas I, with the goal of "looking after the welfare of its citizens, that [the citizens have] a well paid and non-slavery job, no discrimination, and opportunity of progress with no unfair laws."


Medina is the Arabic word for "city". When Spain was under Muslim rule, many cities took the prefix of Medina and when the first last names where added to the inhabitants so the name of the city became a last name. As the royal family last name is Medina, the kingdom took the family name as Kingdom of Medina.



The kingdom has no land or claims, but looks to buy land in order to get their citizens there.


All government dependencies are conglomerated into the Government Bureau.

The Legislative Office

The Legislative Office is represented by the King, who dictate the laws.

The Representatives Chamber

The Representatives Chamber propose laws and give opinion about laws proposed by the Legislative Office, the chamber is formed by the Peoples Representatives, the Mayors and the Governors, all they citizens, not elected but invited following a rule of seniority as citizens, that mean that they are invited at the time they become citizens. This rule is be using right now only because the country only are at the internet.

The people representations are divided into three branches that starts as follows:

  1. District- is formed by 100 citizens and are represented by a Peoples Representative.
  2. Region- formed by 10 Districts, it is represented by a Mayor.
  3. Governance- formed by 10 Districts, is represented by a Governor.

Political Parties

Political parties are prohibited.


The kingdom are represented by an ambassador in the different countries. Non ambassadors are set yet for any country.

Citizenship Office

Citizenship issues are concern of the Citizenship Office.


Any person is eligible for citizenship, regardless of religion, ethnic origin, gender. Only people from Nigeria are accepted under review.

Treasury Office

All the monetary issues are concern of the Treasury Office.


The Dinar (ð) is the currency of Medina. One Dinar is pegged to the value of one US dollar. One dinar is divided into 100 cents (¢). Although the Dinar is the official currency there are not minted coins or printed bank notes.


The army is formed by volunteers. right now only is servicing to the country the army reserve while they only are at the internet. The soldiers are named the Marines.

The army is divided into three branches that starts as follows:

  1. Platoon - is formed by 10 privates led by a sergeant and aided by a Corporal.
  2. Battalion - formed by 10 platoons, led by a Colonel and aided by a Lieutenant.
  3. Division - formed by 10 battalions, led by a General.
  4. The King is the Supreme Commander of the army.

Foreign Relations

The current foreign affairs policy is as follows-

  • All Recognised countries are eligible for relations.
  • Countries can be unrecognised and recognised at any time.
  • Relations/alliances can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Diplomatic relations can be opened through e-mail.

Diplomatic Relations

  • None

Recognised Countries

The Kingdom of Medina only recognises countries which recognise the Kingdom as a sovereign state. No countries have yet recognised the Kingdom of Medina.


Medina has its own newspaper, the Medina Herald.

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