Kingdom of Monoea
(State of the Unironic Empire)
Monoean Ethnic flagRoyal Coat of Arms of Monoea PNG

"Nam Et Patriam"
Mono, My Mono
My Mono My Mono

Capital city (Administered in Crizopolis)
Official language(s) English, Semul
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Monoea
Demonym Monoean
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King William I
Established April 2012

Monoea officially the Kingdom of Monoea is a state of the Unironic Empire orginally founded as a republic in 2012 laying the framework for the Unironic Empire

King of Monoea

The King of Monoea is the most powerful state monarch in the Unironic Empire since he is also the Emperor since Monoea`s King is also the Emperor of Unironia the title of King will belong to all future Emperors

Administrative Divisions

  • City of Conway
  • Borough of Blackington
  • Borough of Conway Forest
  • City of Christianinople
  • Village of Venice
  • Shade City
  • Crizial City
  • Borough of Ward-Uxhig
  • City of Jonstown