Kingdom of Nancia
(Non-Insular State of Unironia)
Nancia flagCoat of arms of the King of Nancia

Vive Nancia
East of Metro Unironia
Capital city Nancia
Largest city Nancia City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Demonym Nancian
Government Absolute Elective Monarchy
- Imperial Praepositus Vacant
- King Anthony Connors
Legislature Royal Council
Established July 2012
Area claimed 1.5 sq acres
Population 3
Currency Unironic Franc
Patron saint St.Joseph

The Kingdom of Nancia  was founded as a Client State of the Unironic Empire in August of 2012 when Anthony Connors visited the Emperor of Unironia in Crizopolis and wanted to set up a area to rule as an addition to his current holdings in his name sake town Conway


established in August of 2012 as a Client State of Unironia then in 2014 with the Statute of Empire became a Non-Insular State of Unironia

When the Imperial Charter of 2013 was ratified Nancia began its status as a Non-Insular State still under Anthony I.

In May 2015 a Royal Election was called by the Emperor of Unironia nobles from around the Empire will cast votes on who will be the new King.

Government & Politics

King Anthony wanted an elective monarchy system in Nancia so once he leaves office a new King will be elected. As in all Non-Insular States of the Unironic Empire there is a Imperial official monitoring the precedings of the government, because since Nancia is a Non-Insular it has the ability to self-govern to a certain point or to to the point it beigns to interfere with Imperial affairs in Crizopolis, that is when the Imperial Representitive overrules such decsions and delivers a report to the Emperor.

Law & Order

The Unironic Police Manages Law Enforcement in Nancia

Foreign Relations

due to the Non-Insular State status of Nancia. It is technically allowed to persue foreign diplomacy rather freely (unless its in conflict with Imperial interests)


D,A,Z is Nancia`s Milita but the Unironic Military also provides support for Nancia when needed