Kingdom of Nepoltsk

Tierra Libre de Dios
(English: God's Free Land)

Hearts of Courage - Three Steps from Hell
[[Roosevelt Island Antarctica]]
Roosevelt Island
Capital city East Metropolitan
Largest city East Metropolitan
Official language(s) English, German
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Demonym Nepoltskian, Polt
Government Oligarchy, absolute monarchy
- Monarch King Nathan I
Established October 15th, 2013
Area claimed 7,500 km2
Population 1
Currency Kelts
Time zone GMT
National drink Cream Soda
Patron saint St. George

The Kingdom of Nepoltsk is a micronation that claims Roosevelt Island in Antarctica. The nation originally existed within a game where it claimed to own a large region in the Baltic sea. It's population hit it's peak at 134, which then took a decline when a communist revolution broke out making the nation a dictatorship but failed to overthrow the king. The nation was abandoned in December 5th after the King (Nathan I) abdicated but later on regained his position.

10th April 2014 the King announced that he would be recruiting for his government again in a attempt to revive the nation.

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