Federal Kingdom of New Yankeeland
UPNENYL Coat of Arms

"If there's a will, there's a way."
New England,United States
Capital city New Gettysburg
Largest city New Gettysburg
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No official
Short name New Yankeeland
Demonym Yankee
Government Federal Constitutional Monarchy
- King Stephen I
- Prime Minister Edward Alomoes
- Commanding General of the New Yankeeland Army Stephen I
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Constitutional Monarchy
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - September 7, 2017
Established March 1, 2016
Population 11
Currency Nova
Time zone UTC−5
National sport Football
National animal Black Bear

New Yankeeland, officially the Federal Kingdom of New Yankeeland or Kingdom of New Yankeeland (named after one of the United States nickname) is a micronation located in the United States. Founded on March 1, 2016.


New Yankeeland was founded on March 1, 2016. King Stephen I had always wanted his own nation but never knew how to start it. In early 2016 King Stephen I discovered the Conch Republic and the Republic of Molossia. After a bit of research and thinking the founder decide to form his own micronation. New Yankeeland original name was the Republic of Stelegiriots and named Stephen I as President and Matt as Vice President. In October Stelegiots renamed to United Provinces of New England and remade its flag. In January the nation renamed to Republic of New Yankeeland. Finally in February a vote was headed and the people elected to become a Constitutional Monarchy. The nation was Renamed to Kingdom of New Yankeeland and crowned Stephen I King and named Matt Prime Minister. Since the switch to a Constitutional Monarchy the nation has rebuild and reorganized it military, remade its currency, increase its economic output, and has brought a new since of pride in New Yankeeland.


New Yankeeland government is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy with king/queen and a parliament. Parliament is made up of members form each political party. All the minister are appointed by the king/queen and or prime minister however they must be approved by parliament and the people. The Royal Family is able to run for any position in power in the government. And half of the nation ruling power is the king the other have prime minister, parliament, and the people themselves.


New Yankeeland has a very small economy with its own currency. our currency is called the Nova and is worth .20 US Dollar. We are able to be accept US dollars as well. Our economy is made up of agriculture, timber, hand crafted items, deer, oil, automobiles, and manufacturing goods.


Kingdom of New Yankeeland Armed Forces is very small with army, air force, and navy. The army is made up of volunteers with airsoft gun and is lead by the General of the Armies Stephen I (the King himself). The 1st Army is made up of I Corps. I Corps made up of 1 Division. In the 1st Division is the Sherman Combat Brigade witch is made up of the 1st NY Infantry ‘Black Hats’ Regiment (Mountaineers ), 2nd NY Cavalry ‘Bloody 2nd’ Regiment (Cavalry), 3rd NY Infantry ‘Warriors’ Regiment (Airborne), 1st NY Field Artillery Company. A 'New Gettysburg Battery', Company B 'Engineers', and also in the 1st army is the Marine Corps Witch is Small and only have one company; Dog Company.. New Yankee has 2 special forces units 1 Commando Regiment and the other a task force unit. And the military can conscription into the military ONLY in time of war,martial law, and last resort and must be provided by the prime minister and parliament. People who can avoid being conscription are people with medical conditions and have a ligament reason why they can not be in the military. The Navy is lead by Admiral Stephen I and is made up of 2 ships witch are both Jackson Class Destroyers. The air forces is lead by General Ryan and is made up of 2 fighter squadrons and 1 bomber squadron.

Foreign Relations

Currently New Yankeeland is recognized by and has diplomatic relations with the United Oceanic League of Micronations and recognized and has a personal union with the Republic of East Anglia.

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