The Kingdom of Norþangland is a micronation found in the north of England. Founded in 1990 by Robert II, Norþangland has had 5 different monarchs since its inception, with several mythical kings.

Norþangland has retained much more of its germanic culture than the rest of England. The evidenced by the language, Anglian, which closely resembles modern Frisian and, to a lesser extent, the Nordic languages.

Norþangland is governed by an absolute monarchy. The current king is William II. King are often succeeded by family members, but this is only subject to the approval of the witan, the legislative council.

As a result of the kingdom's isolation from the rest of England, it has maintained and developed the traditions of Germanic paganism.


The Angles of Northern Germany and Southern Denmark began arriving in Britain around 410 AD. According to Norþanglian folklore, Woden, chief Anglian god, impregnated an Anglian servant girl in Eoferwic (modern York). She bore two children: Hrodbeart Wodenson and Æthelflæd Wodensdottír. They are believed to be the ancestors of all Norþanglians.

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