Kingdom or North Lewis

In Kingdom we Trust
Capital city Northway
Largest city SouthLynn
Official language(s) English
Demonym North Lewis
Government Democratic
- Monarch King Joshua I
- Elected Party Northway National Party
Legislature Parliament
Established 1st October 2014
Area claimed 0.7 Acre's
Population 6
Currency North Lewis Pound
Time zone Same as UK
National sport American football, RC Model aircraft flying
National dish Steak
National drink Mountain Dew
National animal Sheep

The Kingdom of North Lewis is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded 1 October, 2014 by Joshua Lewis.
Kingdom OF St Hollyhead-Lewis National Flag

The National flag of the Kingdom of North Lewis

Kingdom Of North Lewis Coat Of Arms

The National coat of Arms of the Kingdom of North Lewis


The Kingdom of North Lewis was declared an independent sovereign nation on the 1st October 2014 by Joshua Lewis, in response to the Scottish referendum which inspired him to start his own country and declare independence form the UK.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The way in which the Government works is instead of a Prime Minister the head of government is a political party. There is also a head of state which is a Monarchy and the current head of state is King Joshua I

There is a general election every 4 years to determine which elected political party will become the head of Government, all citizens over the age of 16 can vote in the General election.

The current Elected Party which is the head of government is the Northway National Party.

Law & OrderEdit

The Kingdom of North Lewis operates under the same laws as the United Kingdom and the country has its own police force which is the North Lewis national police force.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Currently the Kingdom of North Lewis has foreign relations with the Principality of Waydina, Kingdom of Jellopia and the Empire of Arcadia and the Kingdom will be continuing talks with other Micronations in the coming months.

The Kingdom of North Lewis recognizes all countries that are in the United Nations, as well as Vatican City and the state of Palestine.


Due to the size of the country there is no Military however they do have a national police force which can be converted into an Army if needed.


The land which the Kingdom of North Lewis has declared independence from the UK is a 3 bedroom residence within the borough of Bratton near the town of Wellington which is situated in the county of Shropshire, England. Also the Kingdom has 0.5 Acre's of land which is also independent from the UK, the land itself is situated near the town of Newport (Shropshire).

All together the Kingdom of North Lewis has 0.7 Acre's of land which is Independent from the UK.

The largest city within the Kingdom is the city of SouthLynn and the second largest city which is also the nations capital is Northway, this is also the location of the countries government.

The Kingdom also owns 2 overseas territory's which are called Sundornia and SouthEsuri.

Sundornia is a territory which is governed by the Kingdom of NorthLewis, it's land covers 5 acre's near the English town of Shrewsbury. Sundornia's economy is focused on agriculture and is the Kingdom's biggest overseas territory, Sundornia is represented in the NorthLewis Parliament by the governor of Sundornia.

SouthEsuri is the second of it's overseas territory which is governed by the Kingdom of NorthLewis. The land of SouthEsuri covers 0.2 acre's and is bordered on all sides by Spain, SouthEsuri is located in the south of Spain near the border with Portugal. SouthEsuri economy is focused on tourism and renewable energy, SouthEsuri is also home to the head of state's holiday home and finally SouthEsuri is also represented in the NorthLewis Parliament by the Governor of SouthEsuri.

Economy and National CurrencyEdit

The main industry is in the Kingdom is Sheep farming as the head of state King Joshua owns a flock of rare breed sheep which he farms and shows at Agricultural shows around England.

The national currency of the Kingdom of North Lewis is the North Lewis Pound which instead of a pound coin the North Lewis pound is a bank note an example would be 1 North Lewis Pound Note.


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