Kingdom of Robinsinshire
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Robinsinshire flag 2

Long Live The King
Capital city Shade City
Largest city Sparksburg
Official language(s) English, Old Semul
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism
Short name Robinsinshire
Demonym Robinshirer
Government Tribal Despotism/ Huntorian Monarchy
- King Lioe`Di`Won
Shu`Shi`Dn (briefly)
Population 5
Currency Denar


The Batrani tribal leader that was in power at the time established a nation state out of the tribal lands, and around the same time socialists were gathering in the countries. then one day the King of Robinsinshire was overthrown by one of his generals. After that the country fell into caos the socialists took it as an opportunity to take power so they lead a revolution that would become known as the June Revolution