Kingdom of Robutania

"a Deo, ad vitam"
Capital city Kargeburg
Official language(s) Norwegian
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
Demonym Robutanian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Queen Therese I
- Regent Sigrid MacLean
Population 132 (32 Oficcial"
Currency Robutanian Crown
National drink Ice Tea
National animal Horse
Patron saint St. John

The Kingdom of Robutania was founded Friday the 2nd May, 2014.


The Kingdom of Robutania was founded friday the 2nd, May 2014 with backing from the Kingdom of Harenfall, wich it also has agreed to mutual recognition. 

The Queen came to the island 2nd May and announced the founding in Kargeburg with 8 citzens observing. When Jeffrey I heard the news of the founding of the new kingdom he exclaimed houmorosly "I am saved!".

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Kingdom is controlled by the Royal Court which currently has 3 members

  • Sigrid MacLean
  • Henry Swensen
  • Queen Terese I

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Kingdom has diplomatic talks with:

The Kingdom of Harenfall

The Kingdom is recognized by:

The Kingdom of Harenfall

The Kingdom recognizes:

The Kingdom of Harenfall

Geography Edit

The Kingdom is located on an island known in the Kingdom as "Meloya". The closest micronation is The Kingdom of Harenfall being 2 km. away.

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