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The Kingdom of Rosettia
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We Are One
We Are One
Southern California
Official language(s) English(de facto)
Official religion(s) Freedom of religion
Demonym Rosettian
Government Constitutional Diarchy
- Ruling King/Queen King Ronnie Mendoza and Acting Queen Sandra Sky
- Prime Minister Prince Anthony Mendoza
- Minister of Defense Ralph Mendoza
Legislature Assembly
Established April 30, 2011
Population 13
Currency US Dollar

The Kingdom of Rosettia was a micronation that was a constituent country of the The States of New Canada. It was founded on April 30, 2011, and had thirteen citizens.


The Kingdom of Rosettia was founded by Ruling Queen, Monique Brielmeier and Ruling King, Ronnie J. Mendoza. On April 30, 2011, Ruling King Mendoza and Ruling Queen Brielmeier along with Prime Minister Prince Anthony Mendoza signed the Declaration of the Independece of the Kingdom of Rosettia. Since then, the Constitutional Covention has been drafting a constitution for the Kingdom of Rosettia.On December 11, 2011 the Constitutional Convention began writing the Constitution of the Kingdom of Rosettia,the Triumvirate has already approved the articles of the constitution.On January 11, 2012 the kingdom adopted it's first constitution.On January 12, 2012 the Kingdom of Rosettia merged with two other micronations and formed the Dalton-Rosettian-Williamsian Republic.On January 15, 2012 the Constitutional Convention allowed the Triumviate to annex the Territory of New Pennsylvania.On March 2, 2012 the then Ruling Queen attempted to overthrow the King,Prime Minister,and Constitutional Convention but ultimately failed and thus plunged the Kingdom of Rosettia into a civil war.After the Kingdom of Rosettia Civil War it caused the Kingdom of Rosettia to raise taxes to cover the ever so increasing debt it collected due to the war.On the Sixth of May 2012 the citizens of the Kingdom and its commonwealths protested for lower taxes.But with the Assembly of the Kingdom refusing to lower the taxes the citizens rose up and the Great Revolution started.Within hours of its start the Great Revolution rebels,the Great Revolutionaries as they called themselves,captured the capitol and took the Ruling King,Acting Queen,Prime Minister,and the Minister of Defense hostage and forced them to sign the Rosettian Accords.

Former GovernmentEdit

The former government of the Kingdom of Rosettia is ruled by a Triumvirate consisting of a Ruling Queen, a Ruling King, and a Prime Minister which shall make up the entire Executive Branch.There is a Constitutional Convention is both the Legislative Branch which makes laws and is currently drafting a constitution; this suggests that the Kingdom of Rosettia is forming into a constitutional diarchy.


The government of the Kingdom of Rosettia will consist of two heads of state the Ruling King and the Ruling Queen,a head of government which shall be a Prime Minister,a commander-in-chief which shall be vested in a Minister of Defense,an assembly as the legislative branch,and a supreme court as the judicial branch.The Assembly will be inaugurated on March 20, 2012.The Prime Minister will take office on March 21, 2012.The Minister of Justice will take office on March 22, 2012.Then the Judges of the Supreme Court will take office on March 23, 2012.


The election polls will open on January 16, 2012 at 8:00 am to the first ever elections of the kingdom for the Minister of Defense,Chief Judge,and the six Supreme Court Judges.

  • Minister of Defense election:
    • Ralph Mendoza,Duke of Mendoza- 8 Votes
    • Betty Moreno, Duchess of Brielmeier- 2 Votes
    • Frank Moreno- 3 Votes
  • Chief Judge election:
    • Betty Moreno,Duchess of Brielmeier- 9 Vote
    • Frank Moreno- 4 Votes
    • Bruce Moreno- 0 Votes
    • Victor Moreno- 0 Votes
  • 6 Supreme Court Judges elections:
    • Frank Moreno- 4 Votes
    • Bruce Moreno-4 Votes
    • Victor Moreno- 1 Vote
    • Sandra Sky,Crown Princess- 1 Vote
    • Daniel "Danny" Dienallo- 1 Vote
    • Anthony Mendoza,Prince- 2 Votes
    • Carlos Chaves- 0 Votes

The first Minister of Defense is Duke Ralph Mendoza,our first Chief Judge of the Supreme Court is Duchess Betty Moreno,and our six Judges of the Supreme Court are Frank Moreno,Bruce Moreno,Prince Anthony Mendoza,Crown Princess Sandra Sky,Danny Daniello,and Victor Moreno.


The Kingdom of Rosettia claims two private homes in the former United States as its territory.On January 15 of 2012 the Kingdom of Rosettia annexed a territory that is now called the "Territory of New Pennsylvania".

Regions,Territory,and CommonwealthEdit

There are currently two regions and one territory in the Kingdom of Rosettia:

  • 1.The Territory of New Pennsylvania
  • 2.The Region of Brielmeier
  • 3.The Region of Mendoza
  • 4.Commonwealth of New Brielmeier
  • 5.Commonwealth of Coruscant


200px-USA Flag Pre-War

The flag of the Kingdom of Rosettia

See main article, Symbols of the Kingdom of Rosettia.

The Official National Flag of the Kingdom of Rosettia was adopted on March 2, 2012. It has thirteen stars.

Coat of ArmsEdit


The coat of arms of the Ruling King's Royal Family

See main article, Symbols of the Kingdom of Rosettia.

The Official Coat of Arms for the Ruling King and his family was created by Prime Minister Mendoza,the younger brother of the Ruling King.

Declaration of Independence of the Kingdom of RosettiaEdit

Below is the text of Rosettia's Declaration of Independence from the United States.

To All The Peoples of The Kingdom of Rosettia

The independent Kingdom of Rosettia shall include two private properties.

In the aforementioned areas, the only supreme and organizing authority is the Constitutional Convention, the Prime Minister, the Ruling Queen, and the Ruling King.

Until the Constitutional Convention writes a constitution, all executive powers shall be vested in a Triumvirate consisting of the Ruling Queen, the Ruling King, and the Prime Minister; all legislative powers shall be vested in the Constitutional Convention.

The Kingdom of Rosettia! You stand on the threshold of a hopeful future in which you shall be free and independent in determining and directing your destiny. Begin building a home of your own, ruled by law and order in order to be a worthy member within the family of civilized nations. Sons and daughters of our homeland, let us unite as one in the scared task of building our homeland.

May God watch over Thee, and amply bless, Whatever thou undertake, My dear homeland!

Long live peace among nations!

On this 30th day of April in the year of our lord two thousand and eleven:

Ruling King-Ronnie J. Mendoza Ruling

Queen-Monique Brielmeier

Prime Minister-Anthony T. Mendoza

Constitution of the Kingdom of RosettaEdit

See Main article, Constitution of the Kingdom of Rosettia

The constitution was designed to help the Triumvirate to rule fairly. It establishes the nature of the Diarchy, the powers of the executives, and the overall workings of the government.

National AnimalsEdit

  • National Aquatic Animal-Sea Turtle
  • National Land Animal-Blue Nose Pit
  • National Flying Animal-Pigeon

National HolidaysEdit

  • New Years Day-January 1
  • Constitution Day-January 11
  • Union Day-January 12
  • Queen's Day-February 18
  • Prime Minister Day-March 1
  • Independence Day-April 30
  • Ruling King's Birthday-May 25
  • Hanukkah-December 8-December 16
  • Christmas Eve-December 24
  • Christmas Day-December 25
  • New Year's Eve-December 31

Alliances and Diplomatic RelationsEdit


The following are the goals of the Kingdom of Rosettia that one day will be fulfilled.

  • Create an organization called the Organization of Micro American States to bring micronations in or headquartered in the Americas close together.
  • Create an organization called the New League of Micronations to promote peace and human rights throughout the world.

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