Talossa was founded as a kingdom on December 26, 1979 by Robert Ben Madison, a 13 year-old resident of Milwaukee, shortly after the death of his mother. At that time the kingdom occupied Madison's bedroom, and he adopted the name "Talossa" for it after discovering that the word means "inside the house" in Finnish. Over the years, Talossa's territorial claims expanded from Madison's childhood bedroom to encompass most of Milwaukee's East Side, as well as the French island of Cézembre and a large chunk of Antarctica (called Pengopäts, which means Penguin-land in the Talossan language).


Following a dispute over an arguably gerrymandered general election, King Robert I (as Robert B. Madison was now styled) abdicated in August 2005 in protest. In the early history of the Kingdom, he had done this before, and been allowed to retract it later. A number of citizens surrendered their citizenships in solidarity with their "rightful" King, joining him in exile. The remaining citizens (those who believed in the legitimacy of the election) refused to allow Robert to walk it back this time. Real-life concerns blocked Robert's son Louis, the only person in the line of succession according to the Organic Law (Talossa's constitution), from reigning. The remaining Royal Cabinet members (including the Immigration Minister who'd prompted the original dispute) declared an interregnum, appointed one Dr Gregory Rajala as Regent. The citizenry later selected John Wolley as their new King by plebiscite. This Kingdom still exists, though its degree of activity and citizenship totals are not known.

Going Forward

The 2011 dissolution of the Madison faction left John Woolley as the sole claimant to the Talossan throne. Mutual atagonism towards the original founder of the Kingdom of Talossa, Robert Ben Madison (and failing activity) led the Republic of Talossa to eventually merge with this Kingdom, boosting its population and continuing under the name "Kingdom of Talossa"