Kingdom of Thessania
Thessania FlagThessania COA

"Thessanians, advance!"
"Thessani Selknita"
Location of Thessania
Istanbul, Turkey
Capital city Sojdan
Largest city Sojdan
Official language(s) Thessenian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Thessani
Government Absolute monarchy
- King Barisu I.
- Queen Eva I.
Legislature Thessani Grand Parliament
Established 30th July 2013
Area claimed 96km2
Population 271 (In the claimed lands)
Currency Thessanian leroni (de facto) Turkish lira (de jure)
National sport Buntgen
National drink Raki
National animal Tiger

Thessania, officially the Kingdom of Thessania is a micronation located in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey. Thessania is a micronation that claims the Ataturk District part of the Municipality of Büyükçekmece. It is bordered by Büyükçekmece and the Marmara Sea. It's capital and the largest city is Sojdan. The country belongs to the tribe named Thessani of the Thessen race.  


Thessania comes from the greek word Thessaloniki (Salonica). Thessani tribe adopted their name because they were living at Greece before.


The Thessen race comes from the mixture of the three races; Turks, Greeks, Circassians. The Thessani tribe is the Circassian-Turkish part of the race. History of the Thessen nations are no different from the Greek, Turkish and the Circassian history except the Thessanian Movements in Istanbul. Thessanians claimed that they have rights on the land they live on. And they built the Kingdom of Thessania. Even though Turkey does not recognize the claims of the Thessen people, Thessenic countries are active.

Government Edit

The government is an absolute monarchy. The current king is the founder of Thessania, Barisu the First. The queen of the Kingdom is Eva the First. Titles are passed from father to son. The country's constitution is similar to the Republic of Turkey, but the internal control of the region Thessania is secured to the Thessanian government.

Laws Edit

The constitution is almost the same as the constitution of the Republic of Turkey. However, because of the difference of the country's name, language and features, major changes were made on the contitution. And the Thessani Official Constitution was established. Contitutional items are composed of 200-odd sentences. There is a right that makes people able to show the King some constitutional items that could be added to the laws. So, the number of the items in the constitution have the possibility to change at any time.

Foreign Relations Edit

Thessania recognizes all of the UN states, and micronations. The closest countries in foreign relationship with Thessania are listed below;

Gameria, Kilidia, Slonstan, Mecha, Kadiristan, Tarkosia, Malestan, Timur, Divrovnic, Gularisia.

The Tarkosian Empire, demonstrated the friendship of both of the countries by uploading his conversations with the King to the official site of the country. Both leaders claim to be coming from the same race, and they are in good agreement. At the same time, the king claims to be having the Gamerian emperor as an old friend. Lockgront Treaty was signed with Kilidia before. In a recent interview with the King, he said these words: "A union must be installed. If the others does not want to, or is scared to go a step further, we'll go." This proves that he wants to cooperate with the countries involved with Thessania in a very clear manner.

Economy Edit

There is not much to say about the economy of Thessania, since it is a enclave of Turkey. Since the nation has not recognized by Turkey, the economy of Thessania is the same as Turkey's economy.

Culture Edit

The Thessen language was created by Barisu I. of Thessania and Moustafia I. of Tarkosia. Even if Thessania is inside of the country Turkey, the culture of Thessania is very different from it. The national sport Buntgen is a fighting sport and a style. It has similar moves to the Japanese Karate and Korean Tae-kwan-do.


The language Thessenian is a new made language. It is mostly used with the Latin alphabet, but it has the original alphabet named Xtolit. 

Xtolit alphabet.

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