De Kempen, The Netherlands
Capital city Riethoven
Largest city Riethoven
Official language(s) English, Dutch
Official religion(s) All are tolerated
Demonym Toxandrian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King Laurens I of Toxandria
Area claimed 21 square miles
Population 1


The Kingdom of Toxandria was formed by King Laurens I of Toxandria to reunite all the people of the Kempen, an area which is situated in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The name of the region during ancient times was Toxandria.


The Kingdom of Toxandria was founded on the 27th of November, 2012, by King Laurens I. The Kingdom was established to try and unite all the people of the Southern Netherlands under one banner. By doing this, Toxandria tries to show the people that they do not need the Northern Dutch government, and that they can be a nation of their own, a nation which is ruled by the South, for the South. Within its first days, Toxandria started to get in contact with other nations. At the 1st of December, the Kingdom, had diplomatic relations with Eslarvia and Mahuset, and it had a political and military alliance with the Free State of Paladonia.

On the 1st of December, the Grand Army of Toxandria was founded.

It is made up of one regiment, the 1st Regiment of Quots, led by Lieutenant General Joep Peters.


The Kingdom claims the area between the small rivers of the Keersop and the Run, an area in which the capitol, Riethoven, is situated. This area is about 21 square miles.

Diplomatic RelationsEdit

King Laurens I wishes to establish relations with other nations, and will be delighted to receive a message from another nation which wishes to do the same.

The Kingdom of Toxandria has diplomatic relationships with the following nations:

Flag Nation Head of state Diplomatic relation
Epicland flag Eslarvia

King Championy

Free State of Paladonia Palad clan Friendly
306891 3061192548748 779667659 n-1- The Kingdom of Mahuset King Emiel Friendly

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