The Kingdom of Tsurasia was founded on September 2, 2013. It claims a small piece of land in Blackey, KY as well as an online presence. It currently has a population of 12.


The Kingdom of Tsurasia was founded by Crown Princette Gil (formerly known as Princess Tiffani) with the help of her friends. Tsurasia is a country that deeply values individuality. It greatly encourages any sort of eccentricties and oddness; many of its founders are into goth, anime, magick, the paranormal, and other things of the sort and greatly encourages such things in the kingdom.

Government & Politics

Tsurasia is a parliamentary monarchy, meaning that, though the kingdom has a central ruling monarch, tough decisions about the kingdom are made amongst several people until an agreement is reached and then handed to the monarch to pass rule.

Current parliamentary positions include:

  • Minister of Magick: Helps to educate others on the uses of various magicks as well as making sure that no one in the kingdom breaks magickal laws such as using magick to harm themselves or others.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Deals with publicity of the kingdom outside of it's official channels (ie the official Tumblr blog and Facebook page) as well as making sure our relations with other micronations and macronations remain on good terms.
  • Minister of Vampiric Affairs: A special position that was created to govern any sanguinarius activity in the kingdom. Though Tsurasia does allow sanguinarians in the kingdom, their practices are to be governed to make sure that any such activity is condoned by any and all parties involved beforehand and that safe blood-letting practices are being upheld since it could lead to a major safety concern.

More positions will likely be added as necessary.


Other than the Crown Princette who serves as current monarch, there are several other members of nobility, most of which were granted titles due to their contributions to the kingdom as well as their psuedo-familial ties to the Crown Princette. 

Current nobility include:

  • Lady Amanda (who was granted special nobility as runner-up of our first nobility contest.)
  • Lord Joshua, Count of Tsurasia and Minister of Vampiric Affairs
  • Lady Martha, Duchess of Tsurasia and Minister of Magick
  • Lord Jude, 1st Prince of Tsurasia
  • Lady Auri, 3rd Princess of Tsurasia and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Lady Priscilla, 2nd Princess of Tsurasia
  • Crown Princette Gil, 1st Princette of Tsurasia (formerly known as Crown Princess Tiffani. 'Princette' is a gender neutral term in Tsurasia that is similar to 'Prince', 'Princess.')
Tumblr mw0tr4NlKo1shukebo1 500

Winning entry for Tsurasia's noble title art contest. (Art by Tumblr user tick-tock-around-the-clock.)

Special Nobility

On November 2nd, 2013 the Tumblr blog for Tsurasia held a special art contest with the winning entry being posted on the blog and the winner being granted a Tsurasian noble title. On December 3rd, the winner was announced as Tumblr user tick-tock-around-the-clock (also known as Raven) who was given the title of Lady Raven, Viscount of Tsurasia.

Law & Order

Tsurasia only has a few set laws, first and foremost among them is known as The Biggie. The Biggie refers to the central law of the kingdom - to do no harm to others. One must not discriminate against another for any reason, one must not lie, steal, cheat, slander, incite (or take part in) fighting, commit abuse or in any way harm another person or their property. Breakage of this law may result in exile from the kingdom if severe enough. Severity is determined by the current monarch along with the entire parliament who help to determine whether or not to warn the offender first or to exile them outright.

Other, more minor laws, include showing respect to the Princette and parliamentary officials as well as to, when able, offer a helping hand out during holiday celebrations and festivals.


Currently, being a peaceful kingdom, Tsurasia does not yet have a military. Though decisions are being made on whether or not to form one as a war on mosquitoes seems imminent. 

War With East Germany

Right wing combatants have threatened invasion on May 12th 2018. Chianian Soldiers, (Freikorps) have planned on an invasion, but these fears were averted when the Treaty of Tsuri was Agreed to.

Geography & Climate

Tsurasia close-up

Map of Tsurasia's physical borders.

Tsurasia consists, currently, of a small mobile home, several out-buildings for storage, a natural spring, several trees, and a nearby river. It's physical home is settled within the Appalachian mountain range, climate is fairly moderate; humidity and high temps can be expected in the summer with colder temps and some snow likely in the winter months. Spring may at times bring small floods as well.

Local Resources

IMG 0153

Fall foliage in Tsurasia.

Tsurasia hosts many local resources, such as: walnuts, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, wine berries, pawpaws, and apples. Tsurasia also contains a natural spring where fresh water can be found at almost any time of year, which can be very helpful when Tsurasia occasionally encounters the Dark Times (a loss in electricity in the kingdom). There is also a local animal population consisting of animals such as gray squirrels, raccoon, deer, fish, and possums. However, hunting is expressly forbidden within the Tsurasian border.


Tsurasia has a mightily diverse culture due to being so open to so many unique people. Tsurasia greatly supports the arts and the LGBTQA movement as well as enjoying things such as anime and manga and many foreign cultural ideas, such as admiring ancient Egyptian culture and myth, Irish cultural customs, and Japanese culture (both modern and ancient). Tsurasia also enjoys having a close-knit community when it comes to celebrating the holidays and planning festivals.


Tsurasia's official language is English. However, there are, at times, other languages used, such as Japanese and a language known as Ancient Tsurasian that is lightly based on the language of Ente Isla used in the anime Hataraku Maou-sama, the latter being mostly used to refer to holiday names. A chart for converting English to Ancient Tsurasian can be found below. Simply take the English letter on top and convert it to the Ancient Tsurasian equivalent on the bottom. (eg 'Day' becomes 'Xac.') Ancient Tsurasian Translation Chart

Official Holidays

Tsurasian's love their holidays and below is a list of the current official holidays in both their modern English names and their traditional names (except for World Goth Day and World UFO Day, both of which were co-opted form pre-existing celebrations and so have no traditional Tsurasian equivalent name):


Holiday Traditional Name Additonal Info (if necessary)
January 1st New Year's Day Nef Ceakj Xac
February 9th Catmas Yahpaj Day to celebrate Tsurasia's National Animal
March 14th Love & Chocolates Day Qoge & Ytoyoqahej Xac
March 22nd Friendship Day Wkienxjtim Xac
March 26th Pet's Day Meh'j Xac
April 16th Cosplay Day Yojmqac Xac
May 20th Spring Celebration Jmkinv Yeqezkahion
May 22nd World Goth Day *Co-opted holiday
June 13th  Spook Day Jmoor Xac Paranormal-centric holiday
July 2nd World UFO Day *Co-opted holiday
July 26th Princette's Birthday Hime-sama no Tanjoubi
August 28th Micronational Day Against Discrimination (MDAD)
September 2nd Founding Day Wounxinv Xac
October 31st  Halloween Taqqofeen Tsurasia's highest holiday, to be celebrated with great enthusiasm.
December 21st Winter Solstice Finhek Joqjhiye

Official Mascot

Tumblr mzfjj211MY1shukebo1 1280

Tsurasia's Official Mascot, Tsuri-chan.

Though appearing on the official Tsurasia Tumblr blog before, on January 15th 2014, Tsurasia officially announced its mascot character, Tsuri-chan (named after the capital city.) The idea for creating Tsuri-chan was partly influenced by the manga and anime Hetalia and partly influenced by the Crown Princette's desire to draw a cute mascot for her nation.

Tsuri-chan's appearence is that of a girl in her upper teenage years with aqua eyes and red hair that is long in the front (with the hair on her left side being longest) and very short in the back (though she is known to keep it dyed purple and fuchsia.) Her normal attire is a long-sleeved black shirt, star necklace, plaid skirt, black cat ear hat, and thigh highs, although it should be noted that Tsuri-chan loves to cosplay and so can be seen in almost any sort of clothing at any given time. Tsuri-chan considers herself eccentric and outgoing and other than her love of cosplay, she also highly enjoys the arts (though she herself cannot draw very well) as well as ghost hunting and searching the skies for UFOs.

Paranormal Lore

Tsurasians are known to have a great love of the paranormal so it should not be surprising that many Tsurasians claim to of had paranormal encounters of their own. Some of the paranormal encounters that have taken place within Tsurasia's borders are:

  • UFO Sightings: Twice during the Crown Princette's younger years, UFOs were spotted directly above Tsurasia. Once, she witnessed one through a window that normally does not show a very large view of the sky. According to her the UFO looked like a large 4-pointed star that stayed stationary for quite some time and seemed as though it was calling to her in her mind. Whether or not the young Crown Princette was merely having a sugar-induced visual hallucination or not is up for debate but another strange unidentified object flying through Tsurasia's skies was later seen in 1997. The 1997 incident, again occurring before Tsurasia officially became a micronation, was that of a bright, small, round craft flying very slowly across the sky and then darting off quicker than any as-of-yet-known aircraft. A few moments after it disappeared over the mountains the first time, it returned, displaying the same odd acceleration as before. At this point the young Crown Princette became very scared (she was only 7 years old at the time) and so she ran home to the safety of her parents abode.
  • Phantom Cat: Another odd occurrence happening during the Crown Princette'schildhood involved the appearance of a phantom feline. The cat appeared to her once while she was playing after dark and seemed to want her to follow it down towards the riverside walking trail. Being too scared to approach such a dark area at night she refused to follow it only to see it disappear right before her eyes. Later, the same cat was spotted inside her parent's house, meowing a couple of times and again, disappearing into thin air. It is no wonder after such an encounter that domestic cats were named Tsurasia's National Animal.


Tsurasia is a mostly barter-based society, but there are some common, agreed upon forms of currency:

The Bugle - One bugle chip (Nacho Cheese flavor) = $.50 US

The Bar - One Hershey (or similar quality) chocolate bar = $1 US

And, at times, US currency is also accepted.

Diplomatic Relations

Micronations that Officially Recognize Tsurasia (And that Tsurasia officially recognizes in return)



Citizenship Requirements

Tsurasia hosts two forms of citizenship:

Class A - Territorial Citizenship - This is the citizenship for local parliamentary officials who live nearby the kingdom and those who helped in the forming of the kingdom.

Class B - Ethereal Citizenship - Available to people seeking citizenship in Tsurasia through on-line means or who are not part of the parliament.

To gain Ethereal Citizenship, one must visit the official Tumblr blog for the kingdom, read through the laws and send a message stating that they understand and will abide by the laws, the public name they wish to use on their citizenship form, as well as information on where they formerly hailed from. 

Territorial Citizenship is currently closed and only contains members of the parliament and those who helped to form the kingdom. The only difference in rights between the two is that Territorial Citizens get more of an open say on the passing of new laws that are central to the kingdom's inner workings, such as punishment rulings, land contracts, and matters of succession. However, rulings on things like holidays and celebrations are open to all citizens.

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