Kingdom of Tzedek
Koc flag

"Let Justice Prevail!"
"Justice Through the Land"
North America
Capital city Richardsburg, Capital Province
Largest city Mount Galloway, Linde Island
Official language(s) English, German, French
Official religion(s) Judaism
Demonym Tzedekian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King Jacob I
- Co-King Bradley
Legislature Parliament
Established 12 December 2013
Population 6 (27,000)claimed
Currency United States Dollar
Time zone Eastern
National sport Spring/Summer: Baseball Fall/Winter: Football (American)
National animal Dog

Tzedek, officially the Kingdom of Tzedek, is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on 12 December 2013‎ by King Jacob I.


The term Tzedek comes from the Hebrew word Tzedek. It means justice and righteous


The Kingdom was declared independent in 2013 by King Jacob I, who then proceeded to create the constitution. On 13 December, two more people took office as Secretary of Security and General in Chief. The next day, the Prime Minister and Secretary of Parliament took office. Co-King Bradley took office some time in July, 2014.

Government & Politics

The Government is a constitutional monarchy with six seats in Parliament. All laws are passed through Parliament. The king in many ways acts like a president would with a congress.He may propose a new law, veto anything passed by parliament and, is the tie breaker on an indecision. Parliament needs at least 51% support to pass a bill and 100% support to pass a constitutional amendment. If any king in the future were to pass leaving no heirs, the secretary of parliament would take over as king or queen and the royal line should be carried through his/her bloodline.


  • Capital Province; Capital: Richardsburg
  • Woods Province; Capital: Centerville
  • Doris Island East; Capital : Lagoon City
  • Doris Island West; Capital : Palm City
  • Linde Island; Capital: Mount Galloway
  • Outlying Linde Islands: Capital: Shiversburg
  • Artic Territories: Thule

Foreign Relations


Mutual Relations:

Army flag

Flag of the military.


Tzedek only maintains a military for the purpose of protection. The military is headed by Secretary of War TJ.

Geography & Climate

Winters can be harsh, with high averages of rain and snowfall, although summers are normally hot and humid. There are many forests in the area. Temperature records Low: -5(recorded Feb. 23, 2015) Low with wind chill: -19 (February 23, 2015) High: 106 (recorded July 2011) High with humidity: 112 (August 13, 2016) Snowfall record: 34 inches (recorded Feb. 5-6 2010)

The Great Blizzard of 16 On Friday January 22, 2016, the Tzedek bureau of Weather and Climate saw snow began to fall outside of the Royal palace. After the storm (which has been called snowpocalypse, snow-torius, and winter storm Jonas), King Jacob measured 22.5 inches of snow just outside the royal palace with snow drifts becoming as high as 32 inches coming very close to records.

Overseas Territory

Linde island territory

Linde Islands on a map.

An island, officially named Ducie, was claimed by the Tzedek on 1 September 2014. Tzedekians call it Doris island, and promise to grant it two seats in Parliament.

In September, Tzedek also claimed the Antipodes Islands and renamed them the Linde Islands, as well as another unspecified island.

On 13 November 2014, Tzedek claimed arctic territory.

New island

Another claimed island.


Claimed arctic territory.


Most citizens of Tzedek are middle class, live in townhouses, and wear clothes befitting of contemporary styles.

Tzedek's culture reflects that of the U.S.A.

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