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Original Coat of Arms, Adopted 1995


The Kingdom of Viper is a micronation that was founded on January 1,1995‎ by HM Lloyd I. The Kingdom of Viper's capital is located in the US state of Tennessee.

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Nationa Coat of arms. adopted 2015 By council and King. It replaces all older ones.

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HRH Joseph (black shirt) HM Lloyd I ( orange shirt)



New Coat of Arms, Adopted 2014

Viper comes from the name establishd in 1995. Then stated as "Very Important People Experiencing Reality"



The Kings Royal flag

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National Flag

The Kingdom was declared an independent sovereign nation in 1995 . We are a Royal Kingdom, ruled by a king and family. With guidance from a council.

Government & PoliticsEdit

DECREES AND APPOINTMENTS Dated: 5, 9 2014, by act of King Lloyd I. All titles of the lower kings and queens have been removed. Due to the personal matter at hand with the kingdom. All titles have been reverted back to their formal titles as Lady and Sir.

Date: 2014, Diplomatic talks and agreements were met to establish relations of mutual recognition of the Kingdom of Viper with the Republic of Padrhom.

Dated: 15, 3 2015, by act of King Lloyd I. New titles of government will be establish.

Dated: 13, 3 2015: Diplomatic talks between the Kingdom of Viper, HM King Lloyd I and the Kingdom of Ruthenia, HRM King Oscar. And on 15, March 2015. the final recognition was signed by both kingdoms  for mutual friendships and recognition of each other. 

Dated: 13, 3 2015: Diplomatic relations was signed between the Kingdom of Viper and Sovereign Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-mortes.  


Dated: 26, 3 2015: New appointed position....Sir. Fred has be named Gov. Council of the Kingdom of Viper. This position is effected as of 26, 3 2015.  

Dated: May 2015: New Departmental head for the new depart knwon as " Department of Animals" Lady Nesha has been appointed departmental head of said department.

Dated: 19 5 2015: By order of his majesty, the KOV web site will be re-done and a secondary web site for the KOV Governemnt only will be made.

Dated: June 2015,,,, HM was sent an email from the Surland Gov for open talks about friendship and relations. The agreement came final when  HM signed his name onto the treaty on June 22 2015.

Dated: 14, July 2015: HM Lloyd I, was sent a message from HIH King Mathias I of the Kingdom of Gaerstania. Open friendship was established on this day between both kingdoms.

Still Pending Info: Sir. Freddy sent a note to  H.S.H. Prince Freï of the Principality of Lorenzburg on Dated: 7-17-2015

Dated: 23, July 2015

At 6:28 am, KOV Time. HM King Lloyd, received an email from Hm Patrick of  Kingdom Verdoleania-Verdolian Embassy. In hopes to start talks with opening friendships between our great kingdoms. Talks ended and a new era has been formed as of 12:58 pm KOV time. We welcome our new friend into our world

Dated: 23, July 2015: Former colony Eatonville has been re-establish, we welcome all of our former citizens back to us.

The Kingdom of Viper

Law & OrderEdit

Laws in the Kingdom, the Royal Colonies, Royal Annexed Land and the Royal Territory is over seen by the Royal court ( Council). And also, since the Kingdom of Viper is on the landmass of the Nation of the United States of America, the laws of such also are over the final say of the kingdom also.


The Kingdom of Viper is protected by her people. All citizens share this common goal to protect all lands, and each other within the boundaries of the kingdom. 

Geography & ClimateEdit

The Kingdom borders the US state of Kentucky and in located in the US state of Tennessee

With a colony of the Saint Lawrence further North, the climate can be very cold durring the Winter and humid durring the Summer, unlike the main land of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom has a subtropical climate.


Major outputs for the kingdom, include Tourism, music, and Veggies.


The culture is quite diverse, no two peoples seem to be the same.


The kingdom has currently on one news. " The Viperidian.

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