The Kingdom Of Wallachia

Capital city Valašské Klobouky
Largest city Valašské Klobouky
Official language(s) Czech
Official religion(s) Christian
Short name Wallachia
Demonym Wallachian
- Type - Constitutional Monarchy
Established Declared 1997,but Claimed 1993
Area claimed Moravian Wallachia
Population About 80,000
Currency Jurovalsar
Time zone CET

The Kingdom of Wallachia (named after the region of Moravian Wallachia),is a Micronation in the northeast corner of Czech Republic.It was founded in 1997 by a Czech photographer Tomáš Harabiš as a joke.Up to 80,000 Czech citizens have applied Wallachian passports


After,the proclamation,an actor Bolek Polívka was entiteled the King of Wallachia (King Boleslav The First) with his coronation occurring at the great ceremony in 2000.It's currency The Jurovalsar,soonly pegged to the euro at a rate of 1:1.

Constitutional Crisis of 2001

In 2001 the Wallachian government deposed King Boleslav,suing him for behaving unconstitutionally by demanding 1.000.000 Czech Korunas for his services,and placed Vladimir the Second as the king.


King Vladimir The Second.


The Kingdom of Wallachia is one of the most successful tourist ventures in Czech Republic.It's economy is mostly based on tourisim and culture (mostly winter tourisim,cultural events and such.)


It has been reported,80,000 Czech citizens have applied Wallachian passports.The wallachian passports can only be use whitin the Kingdom of Wallachia,since Wallachia isn't recognized by any sovergin nations.

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Wallachia national gua rd

A Wallachian royal guard.

Banknote Wallachia 01

The currency of Wallachia.