Kingdom of the Grove

The Grove in blue, the Kingdom of Copan in red, UK not highlighted
Capital city N/A
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None official
Demonym Grovian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King
Lord Regent
-Calum I
-HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Established 19 July 2010

The Kingdom of the Grove was a successor state of the Caesarship of Orly and a predecessor state of the Tsardom of Orly, created when Caesar Calum of Orly divided the original Caesarship into two - the Kingdom of Copan and the Kingdom of the Grove.

The Grove was an absolute monarchy. At first, this was HI&RM King Calum I, but on 12 November 2010 he was deposed by the Emperor and replaced with Crown Prince Jonathan as Lord Regent.

On 8 December that same year, Jonathan abdicated. Declan I, the King of Copan, assumed the throne as Regent under the terms of the edict Caesar Calum had decreed when he divided Orly in two. The King then re-unified the two Kingdoms on that same day, founding the Tsardom of Orly and becoming Tsar.

Although the Grove was smaller than Copan, the King of the Grove held a small amount of power over Copan: had the office of Copanese Viceroy become vacant, the King of the Grove was permitted to select an Acting Viceroy until the King of Copan could appoint a new one.

Copan was allied with the neighbouring Kingdom of Copan, and with the Midget Nation-in-Exile.