Kingdom of the United Citizens

'We are one'
Now we are Free
Capital city Universal
Official language(s) Universal
Demonym United
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Monarch King Mac-Intosh I
Legislature King's International State Assembly
Established February 28th 2013
Currency Universal

The Kingdom of the United World Citizens is a unitary non-territorial Micronation established by E.P. Mac-Intosh. The Nation was declared on february 28th, 2013. It is described as a Nation united not by land, but by a shared belief. A nation without borders or boundaries. A nation of those who are truly free and independent.

The form of government is an absolute monarchy with Mac-Intosh at the head of state, as King Mac-Intosh I. The nation's motto is: 'We are One'.


The name Kingdom of the United World Citizens, also known as Kingdom of the United Citizens or simply: the UC, comes from a view that anyone, no matter what country you are from, can join the UC. Attracting and uniting people from all over the world, with the belief that we are one. 


The Kingdom of the United World Citizens is an absolute monarchy, with a parliamentary advisory system. It consists of only one type: The King's International State Assembly.

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