The Logo of the Association

The Klaise Astronomy Assosiation is the astrological group that learn about the Solar System that represent's Klaise. In 2011, Sandlin approved there be an association of astronomy and placed the headquarters in Monomew.

Ongoing Missions now

  • Space Glider I, in 2011, an ultralight aircraft with 3 X10 Nitrous tanks blew off into the sky like a shuttle. This costed about $350.00 to be sucessful. The aircraft is going down on Earth but can't because of the Earth's curvature. So far, the aircraft has landed 20 times in Monomew. The scientists brought a telescope and they are looking through it in the sky and has seen the dwarf planet Ceres, Europa, a moon of Jupiter and have saw the Transit of Venus. It has flew about 9 miles in the sky at a maximum height.
  • Space Scope, The Space Scope is the project of making an airtight Ultralight and flying it above the atmosphere. Of course, the KAA has bought oxygen tanks and are attempting to make a flight 30 miles above Earth.