The Klaisese National Space Program is the space program for the Dictatoral States of Klaise. The program is headquartered in the Stadt aus Katzen tower in Monomew, Klaise.


Klaysyer Spauxce 001

View outside the Cessna 152 aircraft from the stratosphere. As seen, the grey blob is Lexington, KY

Klaysyer Spauxce 002

View outside the driver's window. As seen, the urban area of Richmond, KY

The Klaysiyer Forscher I is the first Klaisese spacecraft to actually not fly in the throtosphere. The spacecraft flew 32,000 feet above sea level with a Cessna 152 aircraft. 2 Klaisese natives, Jack Schwartz and Daniel Schwartz, both brothers, flew into the stratosphere. They took both photos with a Nikon HD camera. The top photo is tooken on the left wing and the bottom tooken out the window.


In Monomew, the Staut aus Katzen tower is a 7-story hi-rise and holds numerous offices and residences. The tower can be seen on Google Earth. Just search Monomew, Kentucky, US on Google Earth 5.0.

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