Konirijaqi Revoluition
Date 14 November 2013
Location Alenkandar
  • End of the Dictatorship of Ino De Wacht
  • Foundation of the Konirijaqi Councill
Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan Government of Konirijaq Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan Konirijaqi Revoluitionaries
Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan Ino De Wacht Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan Stein Dros
Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan 1 Flag Of Viadalvian Hasanistan 2

 The Konirijaqi Revoluition was a Revoluition in Viadalvian Hasanistan.

The Revolution

In 2013 Viceroy Ino De Wacht was viewed as ruling like a despot, and the people did not want him as their ruler. They took to the streets in protest. The leader of the uprising, Stein Dros, declared a Revolution. Ino wanted to call the Royal Guard, but the Royal Guard supported the revolution. Konirijaq then become a democracy and founded a new legislature. The Konirijaq Council replaced the Congress of Konirijaq. However, Ino is still in power and clashes continue in Konirijaq. But its ends and peace is restored

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