Kristjanu Xarxrozu
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2nd President of Republic of Keltsvia
In office:
1st July 2012 - 14th October 2013
Vice President Dmitry Chernenko
Predecessor Marja Kroldosja
Successor Josefu Zritzsinu
Personal details
Born 7th August 1951 (age 62)

Belém, Pará, Brazil Flag of Brazil2

Citizenship Keltsvian/Russian
Nationality Keltsvian/Russian
Ethnicity Keltsvian/Bashkir
Political party Keltsvjaex Jex (KJ)
Residence Mastok
Religion Atheist
Signature Kristjanu Xarxrozu's signature

Kristjanu Xarxrozu was the second President of the Republic of Keltsvia and the leader and founder of the political party Keltsvjaex Jex (Keltsvians First).

Early life and Presidency

Born 7 August 1951 in Belém, Brazil. He was born from a Soviet Union diplomat of Keltsvian ethnicity, Joanu Xarxrozu and a Bashkir teacher, Zifa Karimova. He studied for being an engineer and he owned an important import/export company. He founded the political party, Keltsvjaex Jex on 2009 for support entrepreneurs and improving the country's economy. He won the 2012 Presidential elections. As President he became a very influent person.


In 2013, Xarxrozu and his ministers were found guilty of corruption crimes and for having strong ties with Russian mafia. The President's insistence in not resign lead the 2013 Keltsvian Coup d'État and he was expelled from Presidency by the Keltsvian citizens and armed forces. Josefu Zritzsinu became the following president.

After presidency

Xarxrozu and his ministers are in the Roslaf High Security Prison and are waiting for their sentence.


Kristjanu Xarxrozu
Born: 7 August 1951
Preceded by:
Marja Kroldosja
President of Keltsvia
1 July 2012 – 14 October 2013
Succeeded by:
Josefu Zritzsinu
Preceded by:
Party created
Leader of Keltsvjaex Jex
24 May 2009 - 14 October 2013
Succeeded by:
Party dissolved

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