Kydra Vale state election,
April 2013
All 98 seats to the Kydra Vale Legislative Assembly
50 were needed for a majority
April 6, 2013
Majority party Minority party
Democratic samara Country labour
Leader Christopher Elliott Kieran Nelson
Party Democratic Country Labour
Leader since March 2013 March 2013
Seats won 50 48
Popular vote 1,300 1,250
Percentage 51.0% 49.0%

Incumbent Premier

An indirect state legislative election took place in the Samaran state of the Kydra Vale on April 6, 2013 to determine the allocation of 98 seats in the Kydra Vale Legislative Assembly. The result of the election was determined using votes from the federal election held on the same day.

It was the only State where the centre-right Democratic Party of Samara emerged as the victor, claiming a narrow majority of seats in the state legislature and allowing local party leader Christopher Elliott to become Premier.


Apri 2013 Federal Election in Kydra Vale — Turnout 81.0%
  Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Democratic Party of Samara 1,300 51.0 * 50 *
  Country Labour Party 1,250 49.0 * 48 *

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