The Kyngdom of Slin Albion
Hapgandy flag (2)

He who is divine caries the fate of us all, if it is the will of God, then we will see it done
The March of Slin (Koniggratzer Marsch)
Capital city Holy Shyre
Largest city Holy Shyre
Official language(s) Slin-Englysh,Hapgandyish,English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Slin Albionysh
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Kyng Solomon Fyrst
- Governor Gandalf Santos D'Jambay
Legislature Monarchy Governor's Council
Established 16/08/2012
Population 5
Currency Syps - 1 Syp = 1 Pound Sternling
National drink Pure Water
National animal Horse
Patron saint Saint George of Lydda

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The Kingdom of Slin Albion is a relatively small micronation located in the United Kingdom, England. The nation is a sucessor of the nation of Hapgandy and comprises of two boys bedrooms. The nation shares borders with Mercia and the United Kingdom.


The Kyngdom of Slin Albion is named Slin Albion because Albion is an Old English Word for England! Slin is also the Empyre the nation comes under so the nation is therefore named Slin Albion! The nation's pre-history dates back to the Saxons (And before) where the first proper Britians settled. Further on in history came the Tudors and as line after line of monarchs past the World Wars came to Slin Albion. Although no fighting was fought on now Slin Albion soil the nation takes a moment to remember them every VE day. The Kingdom has a proud heritage and is near a castle that was seiged by Parliament Forces in the English Civil War!

Slin Albion Armed Forces - SAAF

The Slin Albion Armed Forces or commonly refered to as Saaf (Pronounced:Sah-f) are the Armed forces of Slin Albion. Coming under the duristriction of the Slin Empyre the SAAF is always ready to stand up for the Empyre's call. Consisting of an Airforce, Navy and Army.