Labour Party of Nedland
Symbol of the Labour Party of Nedland
Party Name The Democratic Party for the Welfare and Benefit of the People
Micronation(s) Flag of Nedland - 3 DSFR Nedland
Leader Ned Greiner
Founded 29 April 2015
Political Information
Political Ideology Progressive Socialism, Marxism
Political Position Far Left
International Affilation(s) UFLAP
Colours Red, Orange
Party Anthem

The Labour Party of Nedland, commonly abbrviated as the LPN and officially known as the The Democratic Party for the Welfare and Benefit of the People or the DPWBP, is the dominant political party in the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics. Founded by president Ned Greiner after he became president of Nedland on April 29, 2015, the Labor Party is Socialist and dedicated to putting in place Socialist reforms and principles and making them imminent in Nedlandic politics, routing out Tea Party conservatives, fascists and other undesirables in Nedland.



In 2015, Ned Greiner decided that he did not like Capitalism as much as Marxism, so he decided to become more of a Leftist.

In April 2015, Nedland was revived and the party was created to help ward out ultra-conservatives and devious generals.

the LPN has officially stated that they are not communist, and want socialist reforms, not communist ones.

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