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Lakewood flag

The flag of Lakewood

Lakewood was the first state to become a state on June 8, 2011. its state represenative is councilmen Vincent


Lakewood is the second smallest state, taking up 2 acres of land. It has an elevation of 5450 ft above sea leve
Lakewood territory

A map of Lakewood.

l. lakewood is the most urbanized of all the states in Asonia. Lakewood is a fairly warm, moist state. It gets the most rain out of all the states and second with snow, sometimes tieing with Aurora. The only city in lakewood is Belmar. Belmar is the nations capital and is also where the president lives. Belmar was named after a nearby park, shopping center and street. There are also no districts, national parks, or roads in Lakewood.


While sports such as Hunting are popular in Lakewood, citizens must go to other states to partake in these activities, as there is no firing range, huntable animals etc... in lakewood. 

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