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History Edit

Lans were established in 2014 by the Austraran Government with 4 notes, 100 lans, 50 lans, 10 lans & 5 lans. You can convert Pounds into lans but you can't (yet) convert lans into pounds.

Symbol Edit

The Symbol of the Lans is ' ^ ', it represents the governments sign

Design Edit

The design includes a symbol of austrar, 100 lans symbol is the famous Austraran Lion, 50 lans is the star of the Austraran Civil War same with the 5 lans note.

Notes Edit

5 Lans


10 Lans note


50 Lans


100 Lans


The notes are the same design as the Kaig & Fireen independence flag (yet they are not independent yet).

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