Most Serene Republic of Larberiza

Larberiza is Freedom
Missa de Angelis (National Hymn)
Capital city Larberizu
Official language(s) Spanish, Esperanto
Demonym Larberizios/as
Government Direct Democracy
- President Eugenio Larberizu
Established 13 May
Area claimed 1 sq mi.
2 sqK
Population 1 (January 2015)
Currency The United-Dolandic Commonwealth Dollar

Larberiza, also known and officially Most Serene Republic of Larberiza (Serenísima República de Larberiza), is a micronation in Salamanca (Spain), that existed from 2013. The micronation was born by the House of Larberizu in 2013, and is a sovereign state with limited recognition, located in Western Spain, bordered by Portugal and Spain.

Larberiza`s capital city is Larberizu.

Larberiza is a republic governed under a form of direct democracy with a President elected by a Common Assembly as head of state. The official languages are Spanish and Esperanto, however the English is the official language in diplomatic conversations.


According with the Montevideo Convention, Eugenio Larberizu was founder of Larberiza in may of 2013, but the presence in Internet of the micronation is from march of 2014.

In first moments, Larberiza was a absolute monarchy, but were transformed in a democracy in june of 2013.

Through an empowerment and self-management exercise, in may of 2014 the government was sending a press release to Spain newspapers to announce the creation of the new country.

In september of 2014, Larberiza was joined to the United-Dolandic Commonwealth as a full membership. In January of 2015, Larberiza left the organization.

Politics and Government

The Most Serene Republic of Larberiza is a democracy, the Parliament and Senate are the legislative and executive power in the micronation.

The President

The President is elected by Parliament and the Senate. The President can submit proposals to Parliament.

Political parties

Party Founded Ideology Leader
National Union Party 2014 Conservatism Eugenio Larberizu



Larberiza specializes in stamp issues, and has filed an edTihtion on the International Day of Families on May 15, 2014.


The national flag is an emblem of the Larberizu House, founders of the micronation.


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