Larmiga of Vladislavia
Larmiga Vladislavielor
Created 16th December 2016
Ratified not ratified
Location Files storage of Vladislavia
Authors Vladislav Chokin
Signers not signed
Purpose Main Law

Larmiga of Vladislavia (vdl. Larmiga Vladislavielor) - is the Main Law of Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia. It performs the function of Constitution, but includes less paragraphs. It has the most important principles only.

Larmiga is original Verd'landian word, which nearest meaning is "Rulelist". The former name of document was just "Declaration of Vladislavia".

Larmiga created in Russian language, and will be translated in Verd'landian and English.

Main paragraphs Edit

2. Republic of Vladislavia sets a target of recreation, development and protection of order and principles of countries set in fictional land "Verd'landia".

3. Republic of Vladislavia takes a position of partly autonomous territory, which is possible with using of property rights or rights of local self-definition, accepted in country, recognized by United Nations.

40. Republic of Vladislavia, as Verd'landian state, accepts Verdism as prioritized religion.

41. In Republic, other religions haven't advantages or special rights, and totally separated from Government.

42. State is interested in spreading of true scientific information without accounting of interests of religious groups.

45. States, in which religious law is legitimate, equalized in front of secular order, or considered as higher than it, are enemies of Verd'landian Republic of Vlaidislavia.

59. Self-Defence of Vladislavia is banned to have the heavy weapons.

60. The border of Vladislavia is sacred and inviolable.

64. Prioritized ideology in area of relationships - is Lotamism (from keleic word "Kele Lo-Tami" - "The Allowed Love in Motherland")

65. Traditional form of relationships is not banned, not discriminated, and it is equal to lotamism.

66. On the territory of Vladislavia, an equality of two genders and all sexual orientations is guaranteed.

75. The state's currency is Euro.

78. Republic of Vladislavia doesn't recognize intellectual property rights, if they are using in purpose of profit getting.

83. Tryings of setting of Vladislavian order in uncontrolled territory, which population is hostile to Vladislavian principles, is banned threefold.

85. The states, created without serious targets, aren't recognizable threefold.

Text of Larmiga Edit

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