Technocracy of Larusia

"Scienta, ideo, logica."
"Our island like a bearing wall"
Sea of Funen
Capital city Elder
Official language(s) English, Danish, Binary
Demonym Larusian
Government Technocracy
- Arch Technocrat Robin Espersen
Established 19th March, 2012
Population 42
Currency N/A
Time zone GMT+1
National drink Labrewsia Ale
National animal Herring Gull

The Technocracy of Larusia (Danish: Teknokratiet Larusien) is an island micronation located in the Sea of Funen surrounded by Denmark on all sides.

Founded in 2012 by Arch Technocrat Robin Daniel Espersen, supported by his younger brother, Peter Oliver Espersen, Larusia is an island nation and currently has 35 proud citizens, who hold various administrative, government and non-government positions.


Larusia is a society built on science, reason and logic and upholds these tenants at all times with a no-nonsense attitude towards superstition and pseudo-science.
Despite this, Larusia upholds a friendly relationship with most of its neighbours, although tensions have arisen between Larusia and a certain micronation that shall remain nameless.

Political map of Larusia


The Technocracy of Larusia is ruled by an Arch Technocrat with supreme power and the final say in all matters of state, which are based upon the merits of logic and reason. The Arch Technocrat is aided by a governing body of five commissariats, each with its own area of responsibility. The five-part government advises the Arch Technocrat and is also responsible for electing a new Arch Technocrat, when and if a functioning Arch Technocrat steps down or dies. Hats play an important part of Larusian society, and all citizens wear hats that display their position in society. All departments of Larusian Governments are described below:

Arch Technocrat: The highest position in the Technocracy of Larusia. Effectively the ruling body of the nation and

Arch Technocrat Robin Espersen

the spearhead of the people - protector of logic. The Arch Technocrat also has the final word in all matters of state, be they legislative, judicial or executive. The Arch Technocrat is also supreme commander of all armed forces and shall always physically be present at all military encounters.

Overseer: Second-in-command to the Arch Technocrat, the Overseer functions as advisor and stand-in for the Arch Technocrat in matters of state where the Arch Technocrat is otherwise engaged. He/she/it is also responsible for the goings-on of the nation and may also function as a diplomatic link to other nations.

Resource Commissar: Responsible for allocation of resources. Larusia does not have a monetary system but rather a communal and logical system of resource sharing. The Resource Commissar oversees and maintains the flow of resources.

Science Commissar: Responsible for the steady flow of scientific research throughout the nation, as well as the induction of science into the minds of the citizens.


Official Symbol of the Science Commissar of Larusia

Security Commissar:
Supreme commander of all military forces. May recruit and appoint officers at own discretion and is responsible for all maintenance of military equipment. Also functions as head of the Arch Technocrat’s personal bodyguard and is personally responsible for his/her/its life. If the Arch Technocrat is deposed/assassinated/captured, the Security Commissar is held personally responsible and is immediately subjected to sentence as decided by the Overseer.

Argument Commissar: The Argument Commissar functions as devils advocate. He/she/it is present and active at any and all government meatings, in order to point out any alternative arguments that made be made in any and all governmental decisions or discussions.

Non-Government Agencies

Larusia also sports a variety of non-government agencies, which each have important areas of responsibility. In many ways, they function like the government commissariats, the main difference is, however, that they are not eligible to vote, and have no say in government matters. These agencies are listed below:

Surgeon General: Responsible for all medical- and health based areas of Larusia. Also functions as personal physician to the Arch Technocrat.

Artist General: Responsible for all cultural-, entertainment- and artistic programs in Larusia. Is also personally responsible for creating and maintaining any works of art, flags, banners and national symbols that are deemed logical by the Arch Technocrat.

Jester General: Responsible for making people laugh, and generally keeping up morale within the Larusian nation.

Brewer General: Resonsible for the brewing of ales, beer and all alcoholic beverages in Larusia. It is up to this agency to maintain a constant flow of alcohol so that no citizen ever is lacking.



Example of a Larusian citizen (Citizen 31 pictured)

The citizens of Larusia (known affectionately as 'the rabble) are a proud people, which are recognised by their white sailor hats. All Larusian citizens (including all members of government and all non-govermnment agents) receive a Citizen Number upon registering as Larusian citizens. The number is simply determined by date of accepted citizenship. All citizens are required to do daily science, drink alcohol and work themselves to death in the nation's many Uranium mines.


Every citizen of Larusia is in effect part of the national army and is required to take part in any military action, defensive as well as offensive, that the nation engages in. Military strategy is overseen by the Security Commissar and spearheaded by the Arch Technocrat.

Larusia seen from the South East

Flora and Fauna

The national animal of Larusia is the Herring Gull, which lives freely throughout the nation. Seals have also been known to guest Larusia on occasion.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Larusia is Our Island Like A Bearing Wall, written and composed by Resource Commissar Peter Espersen. The anthem can be heard here: "Our island like a bearing wall"