League of Micronations
IL Flag.png
Community of micronations.png
January 8, 2018–present


We shall stand together
"Global Peace"
Capital city N/A
Largest city N/A
- President Despot Ested I of Vlasynia
- Vice President President Seann Torres of New Rizalia
- Tertiary President Boniface 1st of Alimia and Sam Marsden, President Blade of Titania
Legislature LoMN Council
- Type - Alliance
Established December 27, 2017 (as CoMN)

January 7, 2018 (as IML)

January 8, 2018 (as LoMN)
Currency Numus (£)
Internet Domain .lmn

The League of Micronations is a global alliance of micronations. Their main goals are to promote micronational cooperation and peace. It was founded on January 8, 2018.


  • Bring mutual protection and recognition to all members
  • Collect as much information as we can about our members and spread it all around the world
  • Bring help of all type to our members
  • Bring peace and prosperity to the micronational community
  • Promote cooperation between micronations


Intermicronational League

The early beginnings of the LoMN (League of Micronations), began on December 29, 2017, the following day after the Grand Democratic Republic of Titania changed from a Monarchy to a capitalist government, President Blaze of Titania noted Despot Mihai Vlasiu, to go and make a allaince along with diplomatic relations. On January 6, 2018, the flag was designed by Ested I, but it wasn't until the following day when it was made officially, under the name Intermicronational League, the following day it merged with the Community of Micronations to form the League of Micronations.

Community of Micronations

After the alliance of Alimia with Vlasynia the CoMN was established, lately Egan, Grand Titania and New Rizalia joined.



The LoMN currently has 53 members, but the LoMN has more members to come. (Please join if you can, but read the Membership Constitution first and follow them)

# Flag Nation Coat of Arms Capital Leader Population Joined
Sableaurora (1)
Grand Duchy of Alimia
Coat of arms of Alimia
Kavajë Boniface 1st of Alimia 2 people, 1 animal January 8, 2018
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-0
Vlasiu Dinasty Emblem 3.0
Alexandru I. Cuza Despot Ested I Vlasceanu 0 January 8, 2018
3 Eganeseroyalistflag Principality of Egan 3coatofarms Denonville King Alden I 9 January 8, 2018
4 Titanist union flag First Titanist Union of Titania, Imperium, Mysteria, Yakbir, and Zorono 776e3e96-d451-43eb-961f-7d6b8499f5b0 The Titanian Imperial City

(Quod Titakistani Imperiium Urbiium)

President Blade Buzzsaw of the Titanist Party and of The First Titanist Republic of Titania (talk) N/A January 8, 2018
Republic of New Rizalia Coat of Arms of New Rizalia Highland Province Seann Torres 24, (55 registered citizens) January 8, 2018
PaLs Flag2
The PaLsian Federation Fleflavik Sam Marsden 107 January 8, 2018
Ourania flag
Kingdom of Ourania Templar Floting City King Immanuel X 16,744,234 January 8, 2018
Kingdom of New Yankeeland
NYL Coat of Arms
New Getteysberg Stephen I 14 January 9, 2018
The Flag of Luxia
The Republic of Luxia New Ramonia The Kaiser 12 January 10, 2018
New Lapland
Newlapland coat of arms
St.Victoria His Highness Prince William Arthur 3 Citizens (registered) January 12, 2018
Republic of NZRE
Zulus Emperors Nathan and Zack 27 citizens, 13 residents, and 10 resident citizens. January 13, 2018
Princian Empire United Principality of Merseyside and Cheshire Prince Joshua I N/A January 14, 2018
North Seminole Republic Farlburg Presient Farrell II 27 January 15, 2018
2018 State Flag of the Commonwealth of Rosania
Coat of Arms of Rosania
Valeria Michael Rosa 2 January 28, 2018
15 Third Grand Banner of Laurencia Democratic Republic of Laurencia Laurencian Eagle Mainland Laurencia Hunter Eno and Brandon Coleman Over 20 February 6, 2018

0 (Laurencian Calendar)

IMG 20171230 192904
The Holy Empire of Nirfo
IMG 20180218 171008
Terodan Emperor Leopold of Nirfo 7 Feburary 6, 2018
Republic of Baractastain
Republic Simbol
Elgor Falcor Cortesi 2 Feburary 9, 2018
Flag of Arbor Lignum
Arbor Lignum
Seal of Arbor Lignum
None (city-State) None (Directional Government) 24 Feburary 9, 2018
United Imperial Empire
Crest PX
Imperial City,

GL provence

Emperor Charles II

Carolus II Rex

24,085,082 Feburary 10, 2018
Republic of Saint Cristobal
Escudo san cristobal
Fernandopolis Your lordship, the Most Honorable and Most Excelent President of the Republic of Saint Cristobal, Sir Jorge Marín 38 February 12, 2018
21 Hollowayflag Grand Principality of Holloway
Crenstan Grand Prince Riley I 7 February 14, 2018
Democratic Apachistan 2
Apachea coat of arms
Apachea President C 105 (official), 35 in the process Total: 140 February 16, 2018
Flag of the Seychelles (1977-1996).svg
Republic of Lovinia
250px-Coat of arms of the Seychelles.svg
Lovinia City Jericho Y. Noveno

6 (Full Citizens)

19 (Dual Citizens)

February 17, 2018
24 Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 7.30.06 am The United Empire of Duggania Coat of Arms of the United Empire of Duggania Zetersburg King Jack I 5 February 20, 2018
25 Fakeflag-gy1-gy4-oy2 Terrastine IMG-1959 N/A President Steward N/A February 21, 2018
26 Flag of Alanland Kingdom of Alanland Seal of Alanland Bedia Alan Coffin 4 February 26, 2018
27 Flag of Excifort Excifort Escudo de Excifort Excifort City José David Huertas 7 February 27, 2018
28 Domain of Xospieca Domain of Xospieca N/A Mark McDaniel Over 20

and a pot roast

February 28, 2018
29 Republic of the Coral sea The Republic of the Coral Sea Coral Sea Zorica Milosevic 7.6 March 2, 2018
30 Arbintinaflag Republic of Arbintina N/A President Arbint 6 March 3, 2018
31 Flag of the Empire of Geelong 2016-2017 Empire of Geelong Breakwater Joseph B N/A March 4, 2018
32 FlarioFlag Flario Federation
Vortani Jerald Gabriel E. Benitez Over 11 citizens March 10, 2018
33 990300F8-AC41-41E3-BBED-57A1BEEC3873 The Kingdom of Diamia Coat of Arms-1 Puer City King Dylan I 16 March 11, 2018
34 Usmax Federation Usmax Federation N/A Steven Phares March 15, 2018
35 Micro-Italy Micro-Italian Empire N/A Damian Cima N/A March 16, 2018
36 Libertia steag Libertia STEMA LIBERTIA West Table Craciunoiu Petru 62 March 17, 2018
37 Images-0 Empire of Valdenya Valdenyacoatofarms Valdemarpils King James I N/A March 17, 2018
38 Nerland-but-with-yellow Nerland Great-nerland-comhlathas Talamchiste Supreme Leader Ishaan N/A March 20, 2018
39 Astovia-national Astovia AstovianEagle New York City Emperor William Atkins 60 March 21, 2018
40 2D6FC926-AAA7-4515-8D04-7B435741BCC8 Westfield Kingdom Viva Westfield South Westfield King Robert I 12,000,000 March 25, 2018
41 Republic of Cujania (flag) Republic of Cujania N/A Cujo Eno N/A March 28, 2018
42 Republic of Agelonia
Coat AGL
Dragin First President Vuk Pétrovich N/A April 01, 2018
43 Esmeralda Grand Kingdom of Esmeralda Aura City Queen Emma I 783 (de facto) April 2, 2018
Revised Union Flag
Kingdom of United Counties (Rabbistan)
Royal Coat New
Mapleriver Queen Mary Approx. 100 April 7, 2018
Republic of New Emersonac City AndrewBurg President Andrei Emersonac April 11, 2018
Empire of Romecantis Cordelia Emperor Matthaeus I 12 April 15, 2018
Republic of Benachuvia President Benjamin I 11 April 16, 2018
48 Fascist-republic-of-newton (1) Fascist Republic of Newton Ståloway Duke Anson Skirāta of Basildon IV 13 April 19, 2018
Akatsuki Flag
Sovereign Military Order of the Akatsuki
Akatsuki Red Cloud
Gedo Supreme Leader "Pain" N/A April 20, 2018
Gautulian flag
Davidirtinian Selenite Republic Tivit - 6 April 21, 2018
Bravoland vlag
Republic of Bravoland
Wapen-admin amptelik
Orania N/A N/A April 21, 2018
52 Flag (1)-2 Republic of Warner Futbal President Andrew 1 April 23,2018
53 Thisthattian-national-flag Thisthattian Federation N/A Bedroomia Great Minister Linus I of Thisthat 6 April 24, 2018


Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Head of State Population Date request sent
Ootb Order of the Balkans Order of the balkans emblem2 Ratiborgrad Ratibor I Zarić N/A January 8, 2018
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan Skywalkistan Crest Pure Pebble Corner Emperor Tyler Skywalker 105 (Registered)'(88 in-state)'(6 Partial) January 8, 2018
Final Fornelos Escudo3 West Fornelos Daniel Bronyman 7 (10 including East Fornelos population) January 8, 2018
VoyflenFlag Barony of Voyflen Voyflen CaveBall9 2 January 8, 2018
Wynaan Republic of Wynaan Refa Patrick Lightning 12 January 8, 2018
Jakistan Flag Republic of Jakistan Datlof JakistanOfficial 38 (4/9/2017) Subject to rapid change January 8, 2018
Media-20170423 Republic of Aliski Aliski City Ariel Aliski 11 January 9, 2018
Principality of Garonne Principality of Garonne Principality of Garonne CoA Rómka Prince Antoine 27 (4 in-state) January 9, 2018
OAD flag Federation of Olabria N/A Luka Melvin 27 (as of 16th December, 2017) January 9, 2018
Mapperdoniaflagnew Mapperdonia Brabant Atlasium N/A January 9, 2018
170 Sabovia Coat of arms of Sabovia Capital Territory Andrew I 12 January 25, 2018
Oldtrinityflag Republic of the Old Trinity Oldtrinitycoa Old Trinity Luis Hidalgo 5 January 25, 2018
Zade Democratic Republic of Zade Zadeee Zoronto Rashaka Omar Briansyah Biran 47 January 25, 2018
Snard The Kingdom Of Snard N/A King Nolan Johnson 7 January 27, 2018
LINDAFLAG General Supreme Actually Legitimate and Ultimate Land and People and Existence of our Lordy Lordy and Saviour the one and only place, Linda (GSALULPULLSL) N/A ArchOhLord N/A January 27, 2018
Koc flag Kingdom of Tzedek Richardsberg King Jacob I 6 January 28, 2018
CLF flag Chicagoland Federation N/A Jack Murphy 15 January 28, 2018
C4C40347-0CE1-42A8-BB2E-D91325879A44 Federal Republic of Pumland State of Arms Rose Grand Chancellor Weston Harris 13 January 28, 2018
D4D788B1-1266-4125-8325-86E7BD74D936 Kingdom of New Pugnasia F32103EB-F476-475E-824C-36BF1D532A9A Josefvania Josef Hernandez 57 January 28, 2018
Colonia Empire of Colonia South Barwon Ethan XXXXXX 999,000 January 29, 2018
UkmauProperFlag2 Ukmau Empire UkmauCOA N/A FingerlessGoblin N/A January 31, 2018
Pr 1873 Autonomous Community of Puerto Rico 0EB5153A-30D8-4B33-B5F7-F9F8CAED6AE7 San Juan N/A 3 million Feburary 10, 2018
Guamflag Autonomous Community of Guam 7C834F2A-C5C0-412C-A78E-FFBC4A9B13C7 Agatna N/A N/A Feburary 10, 2018
Yeesland flag Yeesland Yeesland coatofarms color N/A Singing Blackbird N/A February 14, 2018
Screenshot at 2018-02-18 14-10-12 The Independent Kingdom of Poomer IMG 2163 N/A N/A N/A February 28, 2018
Capture Kingdom of Daeltheria Kingdom of Daeltheria Royal Daeltherian City Suyash Adhikari 7 March 3rd, 2018
Kingdom of New Byzantium flag Kingdom of New Byzantium Safe image - Αντίγραφο (3) New Rome (office vacanct) N/A March 4, 2018
Commonweath of dracul ripple Commonwealth of Dracul Dracul Seal Houston Dmitri Howie 12 March 17, 2018
The Country of Simcoe The Kingdom of Simcoe Chris Brown COA Orillia King Paul I 4 March 25, 2018
National Flag of the New Roman Empire The New Roman Empire The City of New Rome Emperor James I 15 March 25, 2018


# Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Head of State Population Date joined Date left Reason
11 Decent Republic The Decent Republic Decent-Rep-Seal Deerfield City Last President: James Robitaille 10 January 12, 2018 January 25, 2018 De-establishment
N/A Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 6.08.40 AM The Kingdom of Lovinia Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.02.28 AM City of Lovinia, San Jose Last King:


6 Applied:

January 29,2018

Withdrew application:

February 16,2018


Non-member observer states


Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Head of State Population Date become observer state
Flag of Nicostan Socialist People’s Republic of Nicostan Emblem of Nicostan Huane Government 2 February 18, 2018
Σημαια Πριγκιπάτου Imvrassia Imvrassian Coat of Arms N/A Kings of Imvrassia 32 March 13, 2018
Flag of CFRY Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia Grb Jugoslavije Jang Suad Čobo estimated:5 (15.12.2016., registered); 1810 (2013, de facto, all territories) April 23, 2018


Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Head of State Population Date Request Sent
Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia Coat of arms of Vladislavia Ziegler Vladislav Chokin 1 Feburary 5, 2018
Ungerland Communist Federation Of Ungerland Bedsaburg Colin Unger 3 February 18, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.13.24 PM The People's Republic of Maldonia The People’s Great City President Yelovek 9 February 18, 2018


The official currency of the League of Micronations is the Numus. Its concept was proposed by President Seann Torres of New Rizalia, who designed the banknote. President Blade Buzzsaw of the First Titanist Union and President Jerard Benitez of the Flario Federation also helped develop the currency.

The order of currency is, Ligos, Argento, Numus, Supernumus, Meganumus, Ultranumus, Ordum, Ultraordum



The flag, known as the “Starred Globe”, which is now on its second form, has a white circle with the shape of a five-cornered star inside of it. symbolizing the world. Two Greek-style olive branches symbolizing independence, courage, and peace, surround the circle, while the blue background symbolizes the sky and sea.

Flag History

Community of micronations The Uniter (December 27, 2017-January 8, 2018, from the Community of Micronations)

IL Flag Grand World (January 7, 2018-February 15, 2018)

38E8F9D3-8EB3-4F7B-9455-10783631EC03 Starred Globe (February 15, 2018-present)

Positive Relations

Flag Name Members Capital Head of State Reason
Flag of the Intermicronational Union Intermicronational Union Sancti Imperii ex Skywalkistan, Fornelos, Barony of Voyflen, Republic of Wynaan, Kingdom of New Pugnasia, Republic of Jakistan, Kingdom of New Yankeeland, Kingdom of Ourania, Republic of New Rizalia, and First Titanist Union of Titania, Imperium, Mysteria, Yakbir, and Zorono Pure Pebble Center N/A Some members of the League of Micronations are members of the Intermicronational Union.
Flag of United American Micronations United Micronations of the Americas Democratic Republic of Laurencia, Domain of Xospieca, First Titanist Union of Titania, Imperium, Mysteria, Yakbir, and Zorono, Grand Duchy of Alimia, Principality of Egan, New Yankeeland and Grand Principality of Holloway N/A Chancellor Eno of Laurencia All members on the UMotA are members of the LoMN
Banner of the United Entente
United Entente Democratic Republic of Laurencia, Domain of Xospieca, Usmax, and Micro-Italian Empire N/A Chancellor Eno of Laurencia All members of the Entente are members of the LoMN
LoRMN Flag League of Romanian Micronations Vlasynia, and Libertia N/A Ested Vlasceanu All members of the LoRMN are members of the LoMN



We, the people of the League of Micronations, shall establish this constitution, in order to secure international peace and to promote international cooperation. We shall also ensure, by the institution of methods, not to use armed forces, unless needed. We shall reaffirm our faith in equal rights of all people, regardless of gender or race. Together as one, we will unite our strength, and live in peace.

Mutual alliance and recognition

Article I: The League of Micronations is one large alliance, so that means that all LoMN members are allies; If a member leaves the League or is kicked out, he/she will no longer be allies with any of the League's members;

Article II: All LoMN members must recognize each other's sovereignties; If a member leaves the League or is kicked out, he/she will choose either to keep recognizing any of the League's members or not;


Article I: Any micronation with any type of government is allowed to join, provided it isn't a troublesome nation and as long as it doesn't declare war on any LoMN member. If this happens two times, the nation in question is going to get a warning for each time. But if it happens a third time, then the nation in question is going to be sanctioned, demoted to a non-member observer state and prohibited from rebecoming an official member state for 6 months. This doesn't apply if a member gets involved in a defensive war;

Article II: Every member nation should agree with the mutual protection agreement;

Article III: Every member nation must have a physical terrestrial land claim;

Article IV: A pending nation needs the approval of 3 of 5 of the "Big 5" (Alimia, Vlasynia, Egan, New Rizalia, and Titanist Union) (The nation that noticed the request doesn't vote); this process doesn’t occur if one of the “Big 5” invites a micronation;

War issues

Article I: If a member nation declares war on a non-LoMN nation, the LoMN members will not be involved in the conflict;

Article II: A member nation shall not invade a ally, nor take any land from a ally in any way;

Article III: If a member nation is being attacked by a non-LoMN nation, all members have to defend the attacked member.

Article IV: Any hostile and aggressive nations are not eligible for joining

We might use the so called ”Micronational Chat” or messages on message walls to chat.