Leam Mark Farrar
1st President of Penrith
Assumed office:
July 15, 2010 - August 2010
Preceded by: Position Abolished
Personal Information
Born: June 21, 1989
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality Penrithian
Political party Penrith Labor Party
Residence: Presidential Palace, Penrith
Religion: Christian

Leam Mark Farrar (born 21 June 1989) is a Penrith politician of the Penrith Labor Party. He was appointed as caretaker President of Penrith on 15 July 2010, following the formation of the nation and sworn in later that day. A student by profession, Leam previously served as monarch of New Wales between 20 June 2010 and 15 July 2010 when New Wales was dissolved and the Federal Republic of Penrith was formed.

Early life and education

Farrar was born in Penrith, New South Wales and is Catholic. His parents moved to Adelaide when he was a young child, where his sister was born before moving back to New South Wales and moving around Western Sydney. As a teenager, he had to take responsibility for the care of his younger sister during times when his mother was in hospital. In 2005; the family moved to Penrith where Leam took an active role in local, state and federal politics; assisting in the 2007 federal election, as well as local elections and the 2010 by-election for the area.

He is currently studying a bachelor of arts at the University of Western Sydney and is training to become a primary school teacher

Political career

Joining the Australian Labor Party in 2007; following the election of Kevin Rudd to the leadership of the party; Farrar has been active in politics and has been touted as a future leader of the local Young Labor Branch. Since 2008; Farrar has been serving as Senior Vice President of the branch, and serves on several committees within Young Labor.

In 2010; Farrar was approached by the Kingdom of Zealandia to assist in the formation of the parliament of Zealandia, and currently serves as a MP in Zealandia, where he owns a holiday home and under micronational law; may hold office. In early June; the Commonwealth of New Wales was formed by Farrar as a non-serious micronation; but the idea failed when limitations were exposed. On 15 July 2010; Farrar founded the Federal Republic of Penrith and appointed himself caretaker President until legislature elections can be held and a new president can be elected by the legislature

Personal Life

Leam Farrar is currently single, having been in two prior relationships during 2005 and 2010, both of which have ended

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