Legendary Dynasties

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The Legendary Dynasties was a line of kings that ruled Batrani Kingdoms before recorded Unironic history


Urgei Dynasty: 7-5 BU

Belono Dynasty: 5 BU

Ku'se`den Dynasty: 5-0 BU (controlled the Kingdom of Robinsinshire)  (later restored after the Polkburg Dissolution)

Zib,zn,ku Dynasty: 0 BU


Urgei DynastyEdit

Picture Name Lifespan Reign Start Reign End Notes
K`u`dei Unknown 7 BU 7 BU Legendary
Clesti I portrait Clesti I Unknown 7 BU 6 BU Legendary
Clesti II Unknown 6 BU 6 BU Legendary
Mordei Unknown 6 BU 5 BU Legendary
Kylg Unknown 5 BU 5 BU Legendary

Belemo DynastyEdit


Name Lifepan Reign Start Reign End Notes
Mey`do`e`u`e Unknown 5 BU 5 BU


Ku`Se`Den DynastyEdit

Picture Name Lifespan Reign Start Reign End Notes
Clesti III Unknown 4 BU 4 BU Legendary
Kylg II (John) Unknown 4 BU 3 BU Sub-Legendary
Ku`Garu The Great (Hunter) c.1999-Present 4 BU 3 BU First Historically noteable Unironic leader
Lioe`Di`Won 2000-Present 3 BU 0 BU reigns as Emperor of Unironia

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