The Democratic Republic of the United People of the United Provinces of the Legoviah, or better known as Legoviah, is a nation in the east Pacific Ocean. It is the capital country of the Legovian Empire


Legoviah was discovered in 1998 by Robert Sullivan when looking for land to establish a nation of freedom, where people can live without political troubles. By 2000, the Constitution of Legoviah was created.


These are the provinces of Legoviah:

.Reson (main city is Silver Bay City)

.Mactoria (main city is Mactoria)

.Lincoln (main city is Reeston)

.Las Sendas (main city is Maneseda)

.Gotsell (main city is Tycson)

.Target (main city is Krieger)

.Kanaideyah (main city is Kanaideyah)

.Autonomous city of Up Town

Main Cities

.Up Town


.Silver Bay City



.North Legoviah




.Villa León

.San Marcos





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