The Imperial Empire of Lewsanla

"Honor Over All"
United States
Capital city Koi City
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) Disputed (Secular/Christianity)
Demonym Lewsanlan
Government Fascist Dicatorship/Simplified Republic
Established 4/24/14
Area claimed 1 acre
Population 5
Currency Pacific Dollar (To be minted later on.)
Time zone EST
National sport Football
National animal Boar

The Imperial Empire of Lewsanla was founded on April 24th, 2014..


(Lou-Saan-La)Lewsanla's name originated from the cultural adviser of Martin I , of the Rajagupta Dynasty, who had intentions of forming an individualized micronation, but instead sought guidance from Martin I.



After realization of political tensions, close friends of Martin I joined forces in order to form a micronation. With Martin I's guidance, the nation of Lewsanla was developed with long-term temporary land on the east coast of the US. On April 24th 2014, at an undisclosed time between 2:00pm-2:38pm EST the nation declared independence from the United States.

The Fascist Communist Republic Election Era

On June 2, a revolution of sorts occurred, which would transition the Lewsanlan Empire into a Republic. Following King Juan Carlos's abdication, Martin I abdicated his Lewsanlan throne, prompting the military adviser to start a coup and seize the government, establishing a Communist Fascist government. Martin I did not like this idea, so after discussing with his Cultural adviser, he declared he had never ratified the abdication and will remain in power.

But this was not yet over, the next day, the talks of a simplified Republic were higher then ever before. It was declared by Martin I that the time for the Lewsanlan Republic was here, and that the elections would be held this week. The two political parties running as of 6/4/14 were the Communist Republican Party and the Communistic Fascist Nationalist Party.

The Republic Era

On 6/9/14 the first Lewsanlan elections finished up, with the Communistic Fascist Nationalist Party leading in votes by four, while the Communist Republican Party had two.

President Preston would be sworn in on 6/10/14.

Political Turmoil and Collapse Era

After President Preston was sworn in,  a former adviser to the monarch, Martin I, attempted to arouse political turmoil by accusing Martin I of instigating a new government in the country. This adviser was known as Logan of Silinus. He was a former duke and was the leader of the most autonomous province in all of Lewsanla, Silinus. Logan of Silinus promised Martin I that Silinus would be a great and bountiful country, as long as it was seperated from Lewsanla.

President Preston discovered this, and ordered immediate condemning of these actions. Alas, poor President Preston did not know who to trust, as Martin I and Logan of Silinus had erupted into confrontation. Praised voters started siding with the former candidates, and President Preston pratically was facing a situation similiar to the War of the Roses . Martin I was exiled, only to be allowed back into the country's borders as a political adviser the following day. The following days after this intense turmoil is considered the collapse of Lewsanla; The majority of citizens left the country, returning back to America, only to stay an American citizen. There was no government to lead the people, or at least a stable one. The remaining government is considered an unstable communist dictatorship.

Government & Politics

Old Government Lewsanla is an Imperialistic Empire in which an emperor has advisers whom specialized in the following categories: Science, Culture, Diplomatic, and Economic. The leader is chosen through a hereditary line; if the current emperor has an heir, and the emperor dies, then that heir (assuming they are of age) will become the ruler. If there is no heir present, then one of the two noble families will ascend to power. Martin I's closed friends have decided that whomever has the oldest heir present, will rule, if Martin I has no apparent heir.

The first Military and Cultural advisers are considered Lewsanlan nobles, if Martin I, of Agni has no apparent heir and dies, they will see who has the oldest heir and then decide who will rule after Martin I.

In time it is expected that a legislature of parliament will arise when their is actually a sufficient population.

Nearly every week, the The Cultural and Military advisers hold assemblies with the Emperor discussing changes around the kingdom.

Sucessor to the Empire

A Communistic Fascist Nationalist Simplified republic was installed after the conclusion of the first Lewsanlan elections. This government was deemed unstabled and led to what Martin I consideres the Lewsanlan Dictatorship. President Preston was the first president of this government.

Law & Order

There have been 8 disclosed laws so far, they feature topics such as public disputes, limited freedom of speech, and firearm regulations. Currently the list of laws is undisclosed and is requiring ratifying by two government advisers. Once they have been ratified, they will be listed here. A ninth and tenth law however have been revealed to the public. They are listed below:

I: You must work or you will be put in prison for 1 year, and 3 years in a training camp.

II: Once a legal citizen is 18, they are required to serve in the military until they are 25. They have a choice to stay in the military or to leave once they are 25.

III: Limited freedom of Speech; you mustn't write, text, speak, Morse-code, against the government, advisers, or the Emperor/Empress.

IV: You mustn't touch heirs of the throne, nobility, advisers, or the Emperor/Empress. *Includes remains

V: You must worship a god, not one in specific

VI: No harboring weapons, such as guns, besides pistols, primitive weapons, such as bows, crossbows, are also allowed.

VII: If you disagree with someone, you have a right to challenge them to a duel.

VIII: You must listen to the national anthem at least for 2 hours a day.

IX: If you are in a fight, you must stand your ground.

X: It is required for citizens to vote in the Colonial Delegate Election(s).

XI*: The nation has a mandatory relegion of Christianity.

  • (Laws marked under *, are disputed, and cannot be verified as a legitimate law.) 

Foreign Relations


Once a legal citizen is 18 years of age, they must enlist in the military and serve until 25. They have a right to stay or to leave after they reach 25 years of age. Since the nation has a policy of imperialism, militaristic behavior is fairly common from the leaders.

Geography & Climate

The current land claimed by Lewsanla is a forested area in which hunting, mining, and military training can occur. The temperature averages around 55-68 degrees weekly, with showers and thunder storms as a common site.


There have been plans of developing a currency known as the Pacific Dollar(TM). As of today, USD is used as the primary currency if the country. Once sufficient funding is acquired, the government will develop a minting agency in order to distribute it's currency effectively throughout the population.


The Civilization Series, as well as the Europa Universalis games, are a common past time of the nobility and royalty of the nation. Intense political debates concerning macronations also is a common past time. Music often comes from older bands featured around rock music opposed to new "hipster" music that is produced now a days. Often, the civilization series is used to simulate battle with others.

Current Leader

Martin I, the starter of the Rajagupta dynasty. It is expected that he will start to lead the nation into a glorious golden era of literature and political ease. He has not given his inaugural speech yet, but he has noted he plans on defining the nation on a global scale.

After the Lewsanlan elections, President Preston became the first president of Lewsanla, as well as the leader.

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