Lipa i Snovina Republic
(Lipanian)Republika Lipa i Snovina
(Slovak)Republika Lipa a Snovina
(Croat)Republika Lipa i Snovina
Lipa flag
Location of Lipa i Snovina
Capital Lipanovsk
Official language(s) Lipanian, Slovak,Chakavian Croat
Leader Zoran Tvrtković

Lipa i Snovina is one of the republics of Slevania, situated in northern Iryllia.


Main article: Republic of Velka Lipa i Snovina Before the foundation of Slevania, Lipa i Snovina was a separate entity.


Lipa i Snovina is more hilly, mainly to the west, where the Magura hills rise to over 700 meters above sea level. The western parts are wooded as well as the river valleys. The remaining areas are use[[National parks of Slevania|

The Šumađija region and national park

]]d for agriculture.However the most wooded župa is Šumađijska in northeastern- it is also Slevanias largest national park.

The only settlement is Lipanovsk.

There are also some important rivers:

  1. Lukavec


Presidents of Lipa i Snovina:

Name Term start Term end Notes
Zoran Tvrtković 9.3.2012 11.5.2012 Resigned
vacant 11.5.2012 ongoing



Slevan flag   Subdivisions of Slevania   Slevan flag
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Lipa flagLipa i Snovina: Velkolipanska Snovinska

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