The Cockatiel Empire has three main political affiliations. The Cockatiel Empire has several minor party affiliations, many have no current members in them and usually support one of the Cockatiel Empire's major parties. Most of the political ideas for a political party are allowed with the exception of any nazism or fascism party which are specificlly illegal according to the Cockatiel Empire National Constitution.

List of Political Parties

Major Parties

Minor Parties

  • New CECP Communist party flagCockatiel Empire Communist Party 
  • Silver Republican party Flag Silver Cockatiel Republican Party (Supports the Free Cockatiel Party)
  • New Pirate Party Flag Pirate Party of the Cockatiel Empire
  • Citizen's Party Flag Citizen's Party (Support varies because of mixed policies of Left, Centre and Right wing politics)
  • Prohibition Party Flag Cockatiel Empire Prohibition Party
  • Cockatiel Socialist Party Flag Socialist Party of the Cockatiel Empire (SCE) Was a major party until January 9, 2014.

Former Parties

There is currently one party in the Cockatiel Empire which does not exist anymore. 

  • Cockatiel Workers Party Flag Worker's Party of the Cockatiel Empire (Became the Cockatiel Empire Communist Party)