When the position of Court Minister was created by Nicholas I, he opened the way to a more democratic nation. Abel Rhinehart was the first to be put in the place of court minister and it was he who created the democratic system that we know today. The Court Minister would have to be the head of state and would have the most control over the Court-Ministry and get 10% of the vote in Court. Once they are voted in they are in power for a three year term and can have up to five terms of office.

No. Court Minister Took Office Left Office Party
1. Abel Rhinehart 3/4/1986 23/12/1990 Liberal
2. David Gergory 14/1/1990 19/6/1990 Liberal
3. Peter Falbsy 20/6/1990 7/10/1993 Green
4. Mathew Adams 15/1/1994 28/5/1996 Free Trade
5. David Wilson 3/7/1996 14/1/1997 Green
6. Edward Arthur Bunn 12/3/1997 24/9/1997 Liberal
7. Andrew Beeson 2/6/2004 5/1/2007 Socialist
8. Tyler Pitts 6/2/2007 Incumbent Free Trade

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