This is a list of all the microlympic games from 2000 in Molossia to 2014 in Bromenia, the games were revived in 2014 under the new Microlympic Committee, so technically some of these are unofficial. Some of the older micronations can be found here.

Summer Olympics

2000: Molossia flag Molossia

  • Molossia hosted the first summer microlympics in 2000, yet not much is known about the games.

2002: TorHavn

  • A very unkown micronation hosted the second ever games, and like Molossia, nothing much was known about the games that year.

2004: Marina and Shireroth

  • 2004 saw a joint games between Marina and Shireroth, that sadly aren't around anymore, but this was the first microlympics to have two hosting micronations.

2006: Moonshine Republic

  • In 2006 Moonshine Republic hosted the games, but like many of the other micronations to host, they were very unknown.

2008: D41ce5f8 YAN

  • YAN hosted the 2008 games in Copenhagen, It was one of the first micronation to host the games virtually.

2010: Secundomia Official Flag Secundomia

  • Secundomia are besides Molossia the only micronation that has hosted the games that is still around, yet under the name of Reformed Kingdom Of Secundomia, sadly not much was known about the games this year.

2012: Cancelled

  • Sadly the 2012 games were cancelled, seeing no micronation giving interest in hosting the event.

2014: 25px Philadelphia, Sangheili Union

  • In 2014 with a new committee Sangheili Union were chosen to host the games, but due to a new committee (Microlympic Committee) the games were cancelled.

2015: Cancelled

  • As bids were being put in for the 2015 games, which was to be the first games under the new Microlympic Commitee were being placed, a lack of communication came about causing the games to be cancelled.

Winter Olympics

The Micronational Winter Olympic Games were first formed by the Republic of Scotannaea, and hosted the first ever winter games in Holywell Bay.

2014: Flag of Scotannaea Holywell Bay, Republic of Scotannaea

  • The 2014 games were hosted in Holywell Bay, which was run 100% by the nation who created it, Scotannaea. The games were hosted virtually, with many nations taking part.

2015: Updatedbroflag Dragostin, Bromenia

  • The 2015 were the first legitimate games with qualifying, an opening and closing ceremony and a torch relay. The games are still to take place.

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