This is a list of historic flags used by and in Prussia. For more information about the current national flag, visit the article Prussian Flag

National flags

Flag Date Use Description
Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx     2013- National and merchant flag (Bundes- und Handelsflagge) A black Scandinavian cross with a swallow-tail design defaced in the center by a circle containing a stylized version of the Prussian Adler. In the canton, is an Iron Cross.
De-pruss     2012- State flag ( Stattflagge ) A simple Black over White flag
Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9z     2014- War flag (Kriegsflagge) of PrussiaA variant of the national flag with the canton containing a red white and black tricolor instead of just an Iron cross
Hanging national     2013- Hanging national flag (Bannerflagge)
Hanging state      2013- Hanging state flag

Royal standards

Flag Date Use Description
De pr-r4     2014- Prussian Royal Standard
1000px-Kaiserstandarte Version2.svg       2013 Standard of the Prince of Prussia
1000px-Kaiserinnenstandarte 1871.svg       2013 Standard of the Princess of Prussia
JustinEdelmayer 2x3 GermanEagle 2015 Personal flag of Prince Justin I

Military and state flags


Flag Date Use Description
De pr-ad      2014- Customs Ensign A white Ensign with a blue anchor in the lower canton with the letters KZ on the side.
Prussian Civil Ensign     2015- Civil Ensign Used by civilian vessels.The design is similar to the original Prussian flag, though swallow-tailed. The eagle is the current version used by the Autonomous Kingdom.
1024px-Government Service Ensign       2013- Blue ensign of Prussia
Inland waters       2013- State Ensign of Inland Waters The National Flag with an anchor in the lower canton.
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom      2014- Royal Ensign A white ensign with a black cross in the center with an iron cross in the upper canton. No Prussian Eagle is on this flag
Prussian Antarctic Research1       2013- Antarctic Ensign The ensign of the Prussian Antarctic Research Team

Troop Flags and pennants

Flag Date Use Description
De-cjm      2013 naval jack of the Prussian Navy a 2:2 banner white banner with an iron cross super imposing two crossed yellow swords.
De~adm     2013- Standard of Prussian General/Admiral
De~adm23.     2013– Troop colour (Truppenfahne) of the Prussian Army
De~com      2014 Commissioning Pennant White Pennant with an Iron Cross at the hoist.
Prussia2365      2014 Senior Officer Pennant White swallow tailed flag with Iron Cross in hoist, extending to inner point of swallow tail, and hung from a point.
Untitled      2014 Prussian Cuirassier Lance Pennant (NCO) Used by a Non-Commissioned Officer of the Prussian Army
Prussia Pennent 2014 Prussian Cuirassier Lance Pennant (Common Trooper) Lance pennant used by lower enlisted members of the Prussian Army

State Flags

Flag Date Use Description
Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsxzde21      2013- Prussian Postal Flag
Piolit flag or Prussian Post      2012 Prussian Pilot flag
De-psts 1825-34      2014 Prussian Sea Trade Society

Flags of Prussian Districts/Territories/Protectorates/Colonies

Territorial flags

Flag Date Use Description
Prussian Marine Flag Flag of the Capital District
( Hauptstadtdistrikt )
A 3:5 version of the naval jack
Scotland-prussia Flag of Scottish-Prussia
( Schottisches Preußen )
200px-Flag of Prussia (1918–1933).svg Flag of North Prussia
( Nord Preußen )
200px-Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1750-1801).svg Flag of West Prussia
( Westpreußen )
200px-Flag of Ducal Prussia.svg Flag of East Prussia
( Ostpreußen )
200px-Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1803-1892).svg Flag of Hesse-Nassau
( Hessen-Nassau )

Colonial flags

Flag Date Use Description
Gadsden-bg3    2013 Flag of the Colony of Reno
(Kolonie von Reno )

Protectorate Flags

Flag Date Use Description
De-nscol    2013 Flag of the Protectorate of New Swabia

Historical flags


Flag Date Use Description
RomanRepublic   2003-2010 Flag of the Empire of Dominio
Bear Flag REpublic Flag   2005-2007 Flag of the Bear Flag Republic

Principality of Prussia (14.Aug2012-28.Aug2013)

Flag Date Use Description
Christiandrakenflag3     2013 Imperial flag ( Kaiserliche Flagge) A (3:5) Flag that incorporates a black Scandinavian Cross upon a white background. In the canton there is a black Iron Cross. In the center of the cross, there is a shield, bordered by silver, with a stylized Prussian Eagle. Used interchangeably with the national and merchant flag below.
Prussia   2012-2013 National and merchant flag (Bundes- und Handelsflagge) A (3:5) flag that is parted black, white, and black (1:4:1), showing in the white stripe the eagle with a blue orb bound in gold and a scepter ending in another eagle. On its breast were the intertwined initials 'FR' for 'Fridericus Rex'. The axis of the eagle is at 2/5 of the flag's total length.
De pr-es 2012-2013 War flag

Early Autonomous Kingdom of Prussia

Flag Date Use Description
Prussia Brandenburg flag by Neethis (1) 2013 National Flag
Prussia Brandenburg flag by Neethis (4) 2013 War flag

Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx Autonomous Kingdom of Prussia
Politics of Prussia
Wappen Prinz von PreussenKing of Prussia
Territories of Prussia
200px-Flag of Prussia (1918–1933).svg North Prussia200px-Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1750-1801).svg West PrussiaScotland-prussia Scottish Prussia200px-Flag of Ducal Prussia.svg East Prussia Prussian Marine Flag Capital District200px-Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1803-1892).svg Hesse-Nassau
Colonies of Prussia
Gadsden-bg3 Colony of Reno
De-nscol New Swabia
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