Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia has opened 4 foreign diplomatic missions in total. This is the list of the foreign diplomatic missions of CFRY...

ICU missions

Host country/entity Mission Head Serves (which area) Operating from (date)
Flag of the ICUIntercommunist Union of Micronations
  • Jang (embassy)
  • ICU
Flag of the ICUICU Parliament
  • Jang (representative office)
  • ICU
Fourth ReichFourth Reich
  • Berlin (embassy)
  • Magdeburg (consulate)
  • Fourth Reich
File-Flag of the DPRJDemocratic People's Republic of Jonitoria
  • Proletarische Stadt (embassy & consulate)
  • DPR Jonitoria
  • Socialist People's Democratic Republic of New Hope
Flag of DhidhaSocialist Republic of Dhidha
  • Kabuoro (embassy and consulate)
  • Dhidha

Other foreign missions

Host country/entity Mission Head Serves (which area) Operating form (date)
The Thracian Line
  • People's Palace of Socialism (not yet decided...)
  • The Thracian Line

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