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This list of micronations provides an overview of micronations from around the world in alphabetical order.

The list is intended to include entities that claim independence but are not recognised by any major world government, and inclusion (or exclusion) should not be seen as an endorsement of any specific claim to statehood in legal terms.

Entities that are currently inactive or defunct are in italics.

List of Flags, Micronations, Capitals, Continents and Leaders

Flag Micronation Capital Continent Ruler
Flag of Aedeland Aedeland, Republic of Fristad Aerilar Europe Forer Vilhjalmr Ambrosiuss
500px-Flag of Aerica Aerican Empire N/A Australia and North America Emperor Eric Lis
Search Akastan, Kingdom of Akastan City Oceania King Benjamin I
Akharnes flag Akharnes, Federal Republic of Dzoltovolk Europe President Edward Jacobs
Aksos, Republic of New Hyperius Antarctica and North America Consul Decimus Calidius
Proposed flag Alampourdesia,Republic of Fremkasa Europe Jaismon
Arlandia1 Arlandia Soviet Sosialist Republic Pikku Huopalahti Europe President August I
Flag of Armeniers Armeniers, Socialist Republic of Grande Terre Europe El Commandant
TheAltosFlag Altos, The United Federation of N/A North America, Europe and South East Asia President Theo
              Ausea , Republic Of Cuirhain City Asia President Sunny Sinha
Flag of Austenasia Austenasia, Empire of Wrythe Europe, North America and South America Emperor Jonathan I
Barbettian Flag Barbettia, Empire of Akabar North America King Barbettia
New Flag Belaĵio, Kingdom of Centrurbo Australia King Harry I
Bombardos Bombardos, Republic of Moreuz Carribean Chancellor Caslav
IRB Flag Broccotropolian Empire Escalum Africa Emperor Taui I
Ofbromeniaflag Bromenia, Incorporated State of Dragostin Europe President Mattiaš Kočjek (de facto)
Second Republic of Canada
The Republic of Canada Sea Wolf Island Canada, North America President Kelson
Flagofchitose Chitose, Principality of Dunhill North America Prince Austin Reinhart
180 Clark, Territory of Westport Heights North America President Mac Stripling
Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire Cockatielville North America President Anthony Smith
Comet, Free Monarchy of Granttown North America Free Monarch Grant Wrich Jr.
Coronsko Coronese Confederacy Kaywokki Europe
Vlajkacsf Czech and Slovak Federative Republic Prague Europe President František Otta-Šindelář
Danterlund flag Danterlünd, Kingdom of Jensengrad Europe, North America and South America King-President Allan I
Dipam Flag Dipam, Confederacy of Khandha Oceania Ganadhipa Sādhuvādī Doshi
The Dolandic Flag Doland, Kingdom of Tranmania Europe King Eoghan I
IMG 7690 Eastern Avellino, Empire of New Bluetonia Australia Emperor Blue I
Wichel East Wichel Republic East Wichelstowe Europe President Nathaniel Roberts
ELflag Eldorado, Republic of Danial North America Supreme Dictator Joshua A.
The Empire of Antarctica Asgard Antarctica Emperor Hunter
Republic of Enzoffos flag Enzoffo, Republic of Little City of Union Europe President Povilas Jasiunas
Merkid Faroe Islands Tórshavn Europe King Anfinn I
Yugo flag Federated Union of Socialist Republics Tyrennia North America
Flag of rivieria Fiumea, Empire of Fiumea North America Emperor Lans I
Vlag Flandrensis, Grand Duchy of Flanders Antarctica and Europe Grand Duke Niels I
The Fortis Republic Flag Fortis Republic Peglertown Europe Great Leader Matt Pegler
Doberman Foster Island Republic North Point North America Man of Power Nathaniel Parks
Freeflag Freedomia, Republic of Freedomtropolis North America Prime Minister Mark A. Williams II
Flag 3.fw (1) Frigus, Republic of Capitol City Oceania President Hugh Taylor
ImmortaL Fumetsu Empire Emperor's Peak North America Emperor Gregory Mark
New flag-0 Garmethro Empire Gashro North America Emperor Marcus
Principality of Garonne Garonne, Principality of Rómka Europe Prime Minister Antoine Lacaze
SvgFileService Goldstone, Kingdom of North Goldstone North America King Beetee
50px-Flag of Kaleido Greater Kaleido, Federation of Sora Naegino Asia Federal President Drinian Ordanel
MahusetFlag Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm, United Kingdom of Alkmaar Antarctica, Asia and Europe King Emilo I
HasFlag Hashima, Principality of City of Hashima Asia Prince Fabrizio I of Hashima
Flague Hetman Republic Hillside Europe Daniil Yarovyi
Flag of Hildurna Hildurna, Federal Republic of Hydon Europe Brendis von Gruber
Himalind, Kingdom of Nohida Himalayas (Asia) King Minak Hilnma
Holy Gearlist Flag Holy Gearlist, Theocratic Unitary States of Unitary States Oceania Pontifex Maximus Patrick Sanford
Flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Ijykea Ijykea, Democratic People's Republic of Bardonia Europe Eternal Chairman Eddie Bardo
Ilion Ilion, Sacred Dominion of Glencoe Europe Lord Jonas Helmerichs
Flab of ilithia Ilithia, Democratic Republic of Ilithia City Europe President William J. Troy
Imvrassia Imvrassia Vlamaria Europe and North America Queen Aikaterini I
Republic of Incrementis Flag Incrementis, Republic of Scientia North America Chancellor Finn Daffron
RGORIKs Israelestine, Principality of Jerusalem Asia Princess Keri I
Johntanian Flag Johntania, United Realm of Jasmine HQ North America King John Benedict I
Jonastan Bhedrooman North America President Jonathan Andrus
File-Flag of the DPRJ Jonitoria, Democratic People's Republic of Proletarische Stadt North America General Marshall Jonathan W. Huehner
Kalamazoo Flag Kalamazoo, United Provinces of Kalamazoo North America King Luis I
Kasnian Flag (Updated Kasnia, Republic of Monica Australia President D.D.C.D
FlagOfKeig Keig, Republic of Arran Europe President Ben Gilmór
Independency of Killmakia Killmakia, Independency of Killmakia City Asia, Australia and North America Empress Catarina I
Vlajka3 Krumau Kingdom Forest city Europe
Kryptonia Kryptonia, Sovereign Principality of Arehde City Asia King Pulkit & Dictator Jayant
Ladonian Flag Ladonia Nimis Europe Queen Carolyn I
President Christopher Matheoss
LeylandiistanFlag Leylandiistan, Democratic Republic of Maple Hill Europe President Shane Cahill
Liberland flag Liberland, Free Republic of Gornja Siga Europe President Vit Jedlička
IMAGE Loquntia, Republic of the Kingdom of Norling North America HRH King John I
Hon. PM Sir Novian
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia.svg Luna, People's Federal Republic of Luna City Asia President Arnie Racaza
Flag of the Lurk Republic Lurk, Noble Republic of Redwood City Europe and North America Alex White
Flag of Lyonesse Lyonesse, Principality of Estelleton North America Prince Lothian I
Markoslavija Markoslavia, Tsardom of Milićgrad Africa and Europe Tsar Marko Milić I
MEflag8 Meowian Empire Sewell City Europe Emperor Felix Sewell-Knight
Molossiaflag Molossia, Republic of Baughston North America President Kevin Baugh
Monovia flag Monovia, Principality of Yerjigenjor Europe Prince Harold I
Official Moose Republic Moose Republic, The Moosengrad North America Chancellor Yeager

President Smith

P.M. Hoffman

New Dekia, State of New Dekia City North America Chancellor Max W.
Banves New Galicia, Kingdom of Guadalajara North America King H. M. Benjamin I
NGDR flag New German Democratic Republic Neuberlin Europe Premier Chris Dittmar
Image New Goatannea, Republic of Goatic City Europe President Deniz Akbaş
Raoul Flag 2 New Starland, Democratia of Drewstarcity Oceania Grand Protector Suzuki Akihonaomi
New Tagani Utrecht Europe Erik Zandee
Newutopia-flag-s New Utopia, Principality of Misteriosa Bank North America Prince Lazarus I
FlagNZRE NZRE Empire Zulus North America Emperor Nathan, Emperor Zack
The Royal Kingdom Of Octavia Octavia, Royal Kingdom of Octavian City Asia King Kang I
Oldtrinityflag Old Trinity, Republic of the Old Trinity Europe President Luis
2000px-Bi flag.svg Oprett, Republic of N/A Europe President Ferdinand
Republic of Otisstan Flag Otisstan, Republic of N/A North America Emperor Josh Osborne
PNF Palladio, Royal Kingdom of Palladio City Europe King Georgio
Pashema Pashema, Crowned Republic of Revolutionary City North America King Gavin
Flag of Regerin Regerin, Principality of Port Cux Europe Prime Minister Alexander Rogster
ZakistanFlag Perrysland, Republic of Perrystown North America President Zachary Perry
Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx Prussia, Autonomous Kingdom of Regis Castrum Antarctica and North America Prince Justin I
Richardtopian flag Richardtopian Empire Richardland Antarcitca, Europe and North America Emperor Richard
Ruhtenian flag Ruthenia, Kingdom of Alto da Solidão South America King Oscar
Reformed Dartirian Empire Aethir Europe Emperor Andrei I
Flag of Sabovia Sabovia, Principality of Capital Territory Europe Prince Andrew I
Flag of sabinaxb
Sabina, Principality of Can Sabina House Europe

Prince Alban I, Prince Harland I, Prince Inigo I (President)

Santi Flag1 Santi, Monarchical Republic of Santi Europe A.M.T, Acting President
250px-Flag of the PR of Reids Shoal Salmonia, Provisinional Government of Grand Land Antarctica, North America and Oceania President John H.
FlagofSealand Sealand, Principality of HM Fort Roughs Europe Prince Michael
SeborgaFlagNew Seborga, Principality of Seborga Europe Prince Marcello I
32px The Queendom of Shermania Desnikut North America Queen Alfreda Sherman I
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan Skywalkistan, Empire of Pure Pebble Corner North America Emperor Tyler Skywalker I
Flag of Slin Slin, Second Empyre of Europe and North America Kyng Emiel Hardy
Squadosian Flag Squadosia, State of Oceania Prime Minister Solsta
Sgf Sree Gurusia, Republic of Centremonia Asia President Arun Lakshman
Flag of lonery Svarway, Republic of Svorholm Europe Prince Aare I
SwartziaFlag Swartzia, People's Republic of North America President Liam Schumm
Temira Flag Temira, People's Republic of Magnitogorsk Asia President Artyom Karimov
Templar Kingdom Peñiscola Europe Prince Eugenio II
Thaeldan, Kingdom of Thaeldan City North America Prince Lucifer Michael I
2000px-Flag of Socialist Torland.svg
Torland, Republic of Petleas Europe President Pierre Fin
Flag of Trihinia Trihinia, Empire of Byzant North America Caesar Kyle I
Turasan flag Turasa, Altered State of Asia Supremo
Kot Tzedek, Kingdom of Richardsburg North America King Jacob I
Unironic empire Unironic Empire Crizopolis North America Emperor William I
UnitedPeoplesNation N/A North America Admiral Dees
500px-Flag Of Vikesland Vikesland, Kingdom of Vikesland Australia, Europe and North America King Christopher I
TC805817717-4-330-400-54-24-StartFromScratch Viper, Kingdom of Scattersville North America King Lloyd I
Virtuan Alliance Republic Farrarsburg North America Presidente Farrar
VorarlbergFlag Vorarlberg, Kingdom of Bergenz Europe King Wilhelm I
New Micronation Flag Wakatipu, Soviet Socialist Union of Camtoria Oceania General Secretary Campbell Britton
RepublicOfWakrat Flag Wakrat, Republic of Europe
Fullscreen capture 2016-02-01 121944 PM West Bir Tawil, State of Royal Palace North America Kelson I
YokoFlag Yoko, Empire of Azumanagare and Kamigawa Asia Kiseki Toyosaki
Flag of Esperanto.svg-1
Zamenhofia, Republic of Zamenhofsburg North America Andreo, Paŭlo, and Miĥaelo
The Flag of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia2 Zimlandia, Royal Co-Principality of Zimberg North America Prince Eric I and Prince William I

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