The Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe

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The Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe, is a Enlightened Duarchy. The country is situated in the French part of Switzerland at the base of the Jura, completely inside of the Canton de Vaud. The establishment of the Secular Kingdom of Joe was on October 31st 2014.


Joe relationship

When The Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe was founded, it was meant to be a place where only all the Friends of the Friends of Joe could live together, knowing that all the Friends of the Friends of Joe are Joe's Friends, to infinity. Joe was an old Sovietic fisherman, but he was also a dragon hunter, a car driver, a poet, a magician, a beer brewer, and a source of inspiration for all his friends. Some of the Petiou Payî founders had the chance to meet him during a cold night in Lausanne, Switzerland. From then, their lives changed forever, and that's the reason they decided to create a Kingdom in tribute to him.


The Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe was officially created during the induction ceremony of Queen Charlotte the 1st and King Valentin the 1st. That night of October, the Constitution was first read and accepted by all the citizens. They became the first Petiou Payîens during the famous Open Arms Ceremony.

Government & Politics

The Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe is a Enlightened Duarchy. The Queen and the King were chosen unanimously by the First Citizens. All the citizens can change the Constitution by consensus. The Constitution has 71 article and has been modified already several time.


The Kingdom of Petiou Payî has a population of over 100 citizens (a survey is being held). However, citizenship is not limited to the human race, it is known that the population includes two dogs and at least one baby but they have to be introduced by a tutor.


A very touching national anthem has been composed by the best musicians of the Country.


Vers le Jura, en Bois-Joly

Se rassemblèrent des amis Entre le renard et les chênes Autour du Roi et de la Reine

A la lueur de leurs flambeaux Au son du cor et du saxo Le coeur léger, regard confiant Ils fêtèrent le couronnement

Buvons à Joe, buvons à Joe Et hissons haut son drapeau (bis)

Dans ce pays, c’est l’amitié Qui avant tout est à l’honneur Suivie de près par quatre valeurs : Chill, cool, rock, et créativité

Buvons à Joe, buvons à Joe Et hissons haut son drapeau (bis)

Most famous musicians of The Petiou Payî

  • La Bande à Joe
  • Jeune GDB
  • Yetzh
  • Charlotte Nagel, who also happen to be the Queen
  • DJ collectif les Affreux
  • Hi-Sensei
  • Melissa Kassab
  • Opéra Sauvage


The Petiou Payî has hosted the First "Jeux Olympuck" in 2016. They were organised by the Sport Teacher, Laurent Auguste Cheval. During the same summer, the Caretaker and Primadonna Agathe Raboud gave yoga classes. The Petiou Payî will continue to organise the "Jeux Olympuck", with the magnificient reward, the "Puck d'Or".

Jeux Olympuck Palmarès 2016

  • 1rst : Constant Bonard, the King's Hand and Conceptualisator


French is the most used language in the Kingdom, however some citizens chose to use Patois Vaudois, a swiss dialect which is spoken in the area of the Petiou Payî dâi Compare âo Joe. In collaboration with AAPV (Association des Amis du Patois Vaudois), the Nation is to translate the Constitution and the national anthem.

National slang

  • Puck : when someone acts weird. "Gab a trop pris le puck à cette soirée Où êtes-vous tous!"
  • Tshoin : antonym of a good girl . "Quelle tshoin cette Garance…"
  • Meule : when something is annoying. "La meule de marcher 30 minutes..." or "La meule! Y'a plus de binche!"
  • Tchatcho : expression to say hello or goodbye. "Tchatcho! À demain!" or "Tchacho la miff!"
  • Yayo : expression to say hello (in the real life or on the fake phone that you make with your hand). "Yayoooooo! Ça s'pousse?" "Oui yayo! C'est Valentin à l'appareil!"
  • Scabre : cryptic word, understood when used. "Quel scabre cette tshoin!"

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