LHCStandard Lord High Chancellor LHCCrest2
Position Established September 19, 2006
Style His/Her Excellency The Lord/Lady High Chancellor
Appointer Reylan Emperor
Formation: September 19, 2006
Term length: Tenure of Appointing Emperor, possibility of extension
Inaugural holder: None

The Lord High Chancellor is the Emperor’s Chief Adviser, and heads the Advisory Council, chairing discussions between it’s members. They play little actual political role, but are counted among the High Officers of State. Their only real constitutional role is in the coronation of the Emperor, where they stand as the representative of the previous Emperor, showing the late ruler’s support of the new Emperor. They are permitted to use the style, ‘His/Her Excellency, The Lord High Chancellor


There is currently no incumbent Lord High Chancellor, however this is a job that is appointed at the prerogative of the Emperor, and there is no obligation for the post to be filled. In the absence of a Lord High Chancellor, the Emperor chairs discussions of the Advisory Council. If the Emperor decides to appoint a Lord High Chancellor, announcements will of course be made in all Imperial Media Networks