The title and office of the Lord President of the Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia is by far the most prestigious and important position achievable in FCP Politics.

Privileges and roles

Executive powers

The President is obliged to sign off any law before it is put into effect. He can refuse this, in which case the law is voided. Once signed off, the President cannot subsequently void any law.

Supreme Judge

The President is the Supreme Judge. He can order the arrest of any inhabitant of the Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia and thus also convict them, as long as this is in line with Pristinian law.

Legislative powers

The President is able to dissolve Parliament in order to invoke reelections; however, this means that not only Parliament, but also the office of the President will be up for election again.

Lord Mayor of Novapolis

The President acts as Lord Mayor of Novapolis automatically - he can select someone else to do this for him, though.

Patron of Novapolis

The Lord Mayor of Novapolis, and, thus, the President, is automatically also Patron of Novapolis, though he can waive this right.


"To serve Pristinia well, to defend Pristinia with all one's power, to not succumb to any bias."

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