The title and office of the Lord Protector of the Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia is one of the more important positions in FCP Politics.

Privileges and roles

Executive powers

The Lord Protector is allowed to declare a state of emergency or martial law at any given time, as long as the Lord President of the Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia agrees. In that case, the Lord Protector rules the country in disregard of all laws and even the constitution, being subject only to the President.

Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Force

The Lord Protector governs all movements, actions, training etc. of the Defense Force of the [[Federated Commonwealth of Pristinia.

Prime Minister

The Lord Protector acts as a Prime Minister, he oversees all sessions of the Cabinet of Freedom. This means he may call members of Parliament to order, or even exclude them from sessions. He picks competent MPs to govern certain political areas, such as finance, the interior, environmental issues etc. These are called ministers.


The Lord Protector may not have been an MP/FCP at any time in his life. He may neither be head of a party.

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