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This forum is for an informal (or formal, if you prefer) discussion about anything micronational (but please try to stay on-topic), unlike the MicroWiki forums, this is the place to discuss how to make flags, create coins, gain more citizens, etc — basically almost anything goes.

Good practices

For the discussion of any issue that relates to a specific article, please post your message on said article's talk page.

To help users to find topics please make you title descriptive. Titles can be questions — "how do I make a flag?" — or they may be statements. However you choose to title your forum thread, just make sure that it clearly describes the topic. Otherwise, other users may not notice it.


Sign your stuff

Please remember to sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ("~~~~") or clicking the signature icon in the edit toolbar.

Thread index

Please make sure that your topic name summarises your topic in a way that will be easily searchable.



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