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This article is about the claim of Slin. For other uses, see Lurk (disambiguation).

Lurk (Slin)
annexation date June 25, 2013
leader Karl Friedrich
land area ~ 5 km2
languages Slin-Englysh, Czech
abbreviation LU

Lurk is a claim of the Empyre of Slin. It became a claim on 25 June of 2013, second anniversary of the nation. It's current leader is Karl Friedrich, which resides in the claim. It was made a department on 3 July, 2013.

Currently, the territory is governed by the Noble Republic of Lurk jointly with the Department of Lurk.


The nation is divided into oblasts and krajs

  • Flag of Lurkská oblast Lurkská oblast
    • Flag of Podlurkský-Nekský Kraj Podlurkský-Nekský Kraj
    • Flag of Lorynsko Lorynsko - Part of Mercia, currently governed only by the NRL and Archduchy of Loringia
    • Flag of Západní Akrest Západní Akrest
    • Flag of Xaversko-Sarský Kraj Xaversko-Sarský Kraj
    • Flag of Lurksko-Rynský Kraj Lurksko-Rynský Kraj
    • Flag of Lurkské Krkonoše Lurkské Krkonoše
    • Flag of Střední Lurk Střední Lurk
  • Flag of Akrestsko-Hájská oblast Akrestsko-Hájská oblast (Transakrestská oblast)
  • Ravensburg - Not governed by the department
  • RDCA Redwood City - Not governed by the department

Flag of Slin

Empyre of Slin

diplomacy, Kyng, offices and positions

Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh, Academy of Sciences, National Post

Salasolo, New Hayland, Hayland, Maple, Lurk

language, symbols

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